3 Best Home Remedies on How to Remove Acne Fast

How to remove acne fast? If you are sick of your troublesome acne and want to get rid of it fast, you can try the following home remedies.

1. First home remedy works well on how to remove acne fast: ice

Ice actually has the properties to reduce the redness, inflammation, as well as swelling of pimples fast. Ice helps the improvement of blood circulation when you put it near the affected area. Besides that, ice also able to tighten the skin pores as well as remove the dirt and oil piled up in your skin. Both ice cubes and crushed ice will give you the same well result, so it does not matter which one you are going to use. The steps on how to remove acne fast with ice is easy, first, you need to wrap it in a piece of cloth. Hold it on the affected areas in your face for a few seconds. Repeat the process thoroughly for several minutes.

2. Second home remedy works well on how to remove acne fast: lemon

As we know, lemon is one big source of vitamin C. this ingredients actually can give you a help I getting healthy face free of scars. Besides that, lemon also has the capability of drying up the pimples faster. However, you can only get the best result when you use fresh lemon juice. In other words, bottled juice will not give you the same result, as it contains preservatives. To apply it as scars remover, you can have the following two different ways. The first one is by dip a cotton swab in the prepared lemon juice. After that, apply it to the pimples every night before you go to sleep. The second way is by mixing one tablespoon of this juice with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Put this mixture on your pimples overnight. When the morning comes, you need to wash your skin well by using warm water. However, people with sensitive skin might not find this method satisfying.

3. Third  home remedy works well on removing acne fast: toothpaste

Yes, the toothpaste we are going to discuss is the common toothpaste often used by people every morning to clean their teeth. It might be a little strange fact, but toothpaste really works well in removing acne. However, only the white toothpaste, which will works well. In contrast, the gel toothpaste will not give you any improvement. To have it as your acne remover, you can apply your toothpaste in your face thoroughly. Make sure that you cover the affected areas. Do it before you are going to bed in the night. When the morning comes, wash your face off with water. The first result might be the improvement of the swelling. If you want to have faster result, you an also apply it during the daylight. Just make sure that the toothpaste remains your pimples for half an hour at least. This method on how to remove acne fast will work even better if you perform it after performing the ice remedy.