ABAN (A Ban Against Neglect)

ABAN is a fair trade, non-profit organization hoping to break the cycle of poverty in Aburi, a small community a few hours outside of Accra, Ghana. ABAN empowers neglected and vulnerable homeless young women by creating products made out of recycled plastic littering the streets of Accra. With this "Fabric of Change," ABAN has recycled 500,000 plastic water bags in Ghana, and provided income-generating opportunities to the local community all while benefiting a women's empowerment and education program and preschool.

CATEGORY: Accessories

  • Featuring: totes, yoga mat straps, laptop cases, luggage tags, wine bags, bracelets
  • Pricepoint: $5-38
  • The Good Factor: Focusing on women's empowerment and community engagement, ABAN models a learn-to-earn approach that supports women through a two-year program that gives women the skills to start their own business. 

Beautiful products and beautiful people! Shop lots but also remember to visit their team page and you’ll see lots of joyful faces!
— Esther
The women they picture on their website look so JOYFUL and proud of what they’re doing. It must be amazing to have someone invest in your success so deeply, right down to providing childcare while you study and work. Kudos to ABAN!
— Julie