Acne Scar Removal Surgery Method

Scars caused by acne are a stubborn one to get rid. Thanks to the development in the skin health field, now people can choose one of many methods. One of them is acne scar removal surgery method. Even so, not all of us have the same condition of skin. It makes two people who use the same method might not get the same result. Here, this article will share you some of the methods you can try.

Acne scar removal surgery method

The method of acne scar removal surgery is using a minor procedure often called as punch excision.  In this method, the doctor will cut out the individual acne scars. Then he will repair the wound by using skin graft or even stitches. In other time, the doctor may also suggest a procedure of subcision. In this procedure, the doctor inserts needles under the patient’s skin. The aim is to loosen the fiber below the scars so that the appearance will improve.

Some things you need to make sure, if you want to have the acne scar removal surgery

First, you need  to know the option of procedures. Along with it, you also need to know the common side effects or even complications related to that option. If you are a type of person who cannot stand hurt, it might be necessary for you to know the pain management as well as anesthesia option you can have. Besides that, it is also important to know the quality of the doctor or the clinic to make sure that you will not be in the malware practice.  You can also take the before and after photo to check whether you get your expected result or not. Last, make sure that you know all things you can and cannot do before as well as after performing the procedure.

Other methods to remove acne scars

1.             Home skin care

Besides surgery, there are also many others home remedies you can use in removing your acne scars. Compared to the surgery method, this way might take a lot longer time. However, if you want to give the best nature treatment in save way, this method is certainly the best one you can choose.

2.              Procedures using energy base

This method uses radiofrequency devices in making the scars less noticeable. The good side of this method is that it will cause no damage to the outer layer if the patient’s skin. Moreover, the result is subtle as well if you repeat the procedure for several times.

3.             Botox injection

For other option, you can also have this method to get rid of your acne scars. The term botox is actually from botulinum toxin. it will improve the appearance of skin, as the area around the scars might get puckers. In other words, performing this method will likely give you delicate skin not only of the scars but also on the areas around it. This one might be the best method besides the acne scar removal surgery method.