The Batik Boutique

Love handmade designs? Batik is about as ancient as they come with a 2,000-year history steeped in tradition. Dye-resistant wax (beeswax and resin) is applied to the fabric by hand or with a stamp (for repeating patterns), which is then dipped or painted in dye and the wax boiled off to reveal the design.

The Good Factor: Batik Boutique is changing lives in Malaysia with their family-run businesses that give employment and training to women who are enabled to set their own hours and wages. A portion of profits is reinvested back into their communities for healthcare, financial literary, and education.

CATEGORY: Accessories, Home

  • Featuring: bags, jewelry rolls, scarves, pillow covers, journals, annual planners, swim cover-ups, table runners and placemats, key fobs, passport covers, notebooks, business card holders, and more
  • Pricepoint: $9-59

The jewelry roll with mangosteen ink is gorgeous! Love that this is ethically made in Malaysia, where I have roots!
— Esther
I love organic designs where you can clearly see the work and skill of the artisan. And BB does it beautifully! High-end products with usefulness and beauty... I’ll be acquiring a few of these pieces for my own collection.
— Julie