bonJOY Core Values: CREATIVITY

We believe that creativity is a reflection of, and essential to, life. Working with one’s hands touches the soul, and we believe in the raw power of creation to reawaken broken and trampled-on hearts. We see creativity as a beautiful platform for connection and inspiration for all of us, and we hope that we can inspire others to explore their own creative style, express themselves, and find healing within.
— bonJOY Core Values

::: creativity :::

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As artists, Julie a copywriter/designer and I a photographer, we understand the power that creativity carries when it's expressed. It has the power to connect people, evoke emotion, and, in many cases, allow for healing to happen for both artist and viewer. With bonJOY, we strive to incorporate creativity in so many ways. In addition to the things our followers see, like our website and photography and the beautiful artisan-created products we feature, we apply creativity to our operations. The challenge we've been working on this whole first year is thinking outside the box without over-complicating things or setting up great ideas that will fail because we don't have the bandwidth to support them.

I believe that each person is wired so intricately, preciously, and uniquely. And that belief encompasses everyone. When I've attended a "paint and sip" class, I take time to look at everyone else's paintings. We all learned to paint the same thing but we all painted it differently. We're not robots; we have souls, dreams, voices, and different perspectives. That's the beauty of creativity putting it all out there and only using words if needed. 

Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to say or express something but words would not be enough? Or taken a minute to wonder at something you made by hand and saw how it delighted another person? 

a note from Julie ...

We are all human, and every one of us has an inkling of creativity. When I'm shopping, I always go for the creative objects, especially ones that show hints of the spirit of the maker in them. That's what I love about being in the ethical shopping realm... every brand, every product has a story, and they're not just in it for themselves. I think it's so powerful and earth-shattering and soul-telling that these women who have been through so much are given an opportunity to express their creativity. When they're rescued, that tells them they're human. When they're given work and opportunity and creative license, that tells them we believe in their soul and their hopes and their imaginations. And for beauty to come from hands clasped in hope for so long absolutely floors me every time I see a tag signed by a survivor.

I also love that creativity connects us. We women compliment each other on what we're wearing all the time! I love telling the story of what I'm wearing it adds this wonderful richness and dimension to my possessions.