Core Values: It's Not Just About the Box

a post from Esther

Hi friends! Julie and I have been having so much fun learning, shopping, and building relationships with some really awesome people as we've been getting bonJOY out there. As our first year wraps up (gosh, it's flown by so fast), I've been finding myself thinking a lot about what it is that we do exactly, what do we want to do, and what are we going to do next? These are big and sometimes scary questions for founders. Not scary in a bad way - more of the exciting kind of scary. As a co-founder, I feel it is my responsibility to define as best as I can our vision, hope, and identity. I'm without the luxury of having a person higher than me to do the job more eloquently, so I invite you into my world as I share my dream with you. 

When Julie and I decided to jump in and try this project, it was crystal clear to us from the very beginning that we were not going to be just about putting together a beautiful box full of amazing quality goods. We wanted to introduce people to the concept of high-quality, modern goods created with heart and making a positive impact. Introductions are important to us. A meaningful introduction is something unforgettable and precious. Remember when you were introduced to your best friend? Your spouse? Your awesome sauce boss? Your dog? It was a special thing when you look back on it, right?

We want to be that awesome (and super adorable!) hostess at that awesome party who introduces you to new friends that you'll know for a long time because they are just simply the greatest. You are our guest and we want to introduce you to our new friends and partners we feature online and in our boxes, and our hope is that our curated boxes are something like that meaningful introduction I just mentioned. We already know our partners are amazing and we love creating the opportunity for you to meet them, and we hope you can take it from there and get to know them better for yourself!

As we ramp up and get a little more polished for Year 2, we have a few more lessons and skills in our toolbox and thought this would be a perfect time to re-visit our Core Values, share our thoughts and reasoning behind all five, and let y'all know how we envision these continuing to influence this little passion project of ours  blending the influential platforms of fashion + social justice to create long-term positive impact in the lives of every woman involved.

First up: CREATIVITY...