GIFT GUIDE: Gretchen of Life Lived Beautifully

a guest post from Gretchen of Life Lived Beautifully

1. Market Colors ::: Dreamscape Infinity Scarf ::: $36.00

I found Market Colors a few years ago through Instagram. I fell in love with the mission of this company! The products are made by men and women in Africa, and each one tells a story. You can learn all about their makers and craftsmen on their website. I love that you can put a name and face with each product. They tell the stories of these people and offer us a way to support them through purchasing these products!

2. Life Lived Beautifully ::: “Give Me Jesus” Journal ::: $20.00

Last year the Lord planted a seed in my heart to create a quiet time journal for women to use when they get in the Word each day. He watered the seed and the product of this dream was the “Give Me Jesus” Journal. My deepest desire is to see women get into the Word each day, because in Jesus Christ we find life, abundance, and peace. The Gospel is good news to us every day, and I believe this journal makes a difference because it points us to Jesus each day. It reminds us that we were made to live for Him and in Him we have been made complete.

3. The Root Collective ::: The Gaby Ballet Flat ::: $89.00

Each day we wear shoes that take go with us as we run errands, work, mother, and complete our daily tasks. Our shoes tell a lot about who we are. The Root Collective creates handmade shoes by artisans in the slums of Guatemala. These artisans are given a fresh start in life and a chance to make a living in an ethical way. I own a pair of these flats and wear them every day. They are so comfortable and they make a great conversation starter!

4. JOYN India ::: Leather Wallet ::: $54.00

In 2014, my husband and I traveled across the world to India. I never knew how much this trip would radically change my life! Our eyes were opened in new ways as we walked the streets, loved the people, and told them about Jesus. I remember sitting in a tiny room with a woman and her 2 year old daughter. She made handbags for a living and sold them to tourists. She barely had anything and relied on these bags to support her family. I purchased several as gifts and am constantly reminded of her! Ever since then the Lord has stirred a passion in my to purchase items that make a difference and support women around the world. I found Joyn India and absolutely love this company! Through purchasing from them you are men and women in India to live a better life!

5. Purpose Jewelry ::: Oasis Necklace ::: $38.00

Purpose Jewelry employs women both in the U.S. and internationally that to fight sex trafficking. Many of the women who make the jewelry have been rescued from trafficking and been given a chance to start over again. When you purchase the jewelry you are supporting these women. I have a necklace and a bracelet from Purpose Jewelry and they are my go-to staples when I get dressed each day!

6. Better Life Bags ::: Nadia Bag ::: $252

Better Life Bags is one of my favorite companies. Each handbag is handmade by refugee women in Detroit. These women are given an opportunity to make a living in an encouraging, gospel-centered environment. I love that I can share about Jesus and the work this company is doing when I wear my own better life bag in public. It gives me great joy knowing that I am supporting these women and their families through purchasing a bag! Plus, they are so fashionable and are a great quality!

Gretchen is the soul behind Life Lived Beautifully, where he shares thoughts, dreams, and inspiration from her journey following Jesus. From her website:

“A life lived beautifully for the glory of God is about making much of Jesus in all things. It is embracing Christ’s beauty and glory in our mess and meeting Him in our daily tasks...Life lived beautifully is not about ourselves, it is about the glorious joy that comes from living in God’s amazing grace.”

— Gretchen Saffles

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