CHRISTMAS 2015 GIFT GUIDE: Julie, bonJOY co-founder

curated by Julie, bonJOY co-founder and marketing & innovation director

This post is part of our holiday series presenting great gifts from ethical, sustainable, and do-good brands. We're thrilled to partner with a number of super inspiring bloggers and brand owners, so stay tuned every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas for new discoveries to inform your shopping this season!

1. Hope Soap ::: full-size or guest bars ::: $3-6.00

Soap is a lame gift no longer! The couple behind this brand donates a chunk (get it?) of their profit to anti-trafficking efforts, and I promise you'll love their scents and simple ingredients. My fave is Hippie Chick, and my dad keeps me reordering Sandalwood Vanilla for him. And, get this, the wrapping is seed paper! You can plant it and it GROWS!

2. Badala ::: Pembe Triangle Pendant ::: $28.00

Earthy jewelry is my thing. This piece feels modern, wearable, and I love the juxtaposition of the smooth stone against the rich leather cord. With that trendy touch of gold and a great pricepoint, I call this one an easy win.

3. Schmidt's ::: Lavender + Sage Deodorant ::: $8.99

I was psyched when these guys came out with a stick version earlier this year. THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS. I'd tried TOMS, Burt's Bees, JĀSÖN... This one goes all day, and so does the truly lovely and lasting lavender scent. It's honestly delightful which I get is a really weird thing to say about a deodorant. No aluminum, no parabens, no phthalates, no PPG. If you're shopping for your guy, the Cedarwood + Juniper smells awesome too. My husband said he's getting this for everyone on his list, which if you know him, well, that's pretty sensational.

4. Rooted Beauty ::: "Empower Others" Lip Butter Trio ::: $13.99

I'm a sucker for great packaging, and not only do these handy-dandy little lip butters come in a sweet little pouch for extra gifting points, but each butter is consciously packaged in a compostable tube. I've never seen anything like it! The Berry Mint is my all-time fave, and it glides on SO smooth with a scent that lasts. I feel great about the ingredients, too. 

5. JOYN India ::: foldover clutch in fig ikat ::: $36.00

The pattern. The leather. The functionality. Oh, I just love every bit of this piece! The ikat is hand-blocked on cotton, and for all you vegan folks, not to worry the leather is faux. JOYN really rocks the great textiles, which means their website is worth a hearty perusal.

6. Zesa ::: Zola pillow cover ::: $34.00

Every home needs a splash of yellow. Isn't that what Apartment Therapy says? A pillow cover is the perfect update to someone's stack, and like all the products we feature, there's a great story behind this one. At $34, I don't have any excuse for making a beeline to World Market or Pier One when it's shopping time. Zesa also features great jewelry, FYI.

7. Bee's Wrap ::: Clover Print Sustainable Food Storage ::: $19.00

I can just about check off down my list with this one item. Sustainable, cute, everyday-usable I'm on board. I got a set for myself a few months back and SERIOUSLY. So awesome. It works great on blocks of cheese: you can lose the plastic and wrap the entire block. Beeswax has antibacterial properties too, which helps that cheese from getting moldy. Plus the perky pattern totally makes me smile whenever I open up the fridge.

8. Prosperity Candle ::: Osby Votive ::: $22.00

This looks like something I'd see in Target, walk by, then meander past three more times. It casts a little spell on me, and this time I know it's not because of the Target magic/curse! I don't know what it is about dipping an object in white, but you've got my attention. The scents listed sound AMAZING: chamomile and sage, red currant, blue fir and spice, sandalwood and oak moss... I'll just add a few to my basket right now and dole them out along the way. 

9. Flora Stationery ::: watercolor quote print ::: $6.50

This one earns some DIY points since it's a downloadable purchase, but it means I get to pick the right frame for the right person. I love the inspiring nature of this print, and I'll be the first to admit that I fall for a sploosh of watercolor way too fast.