GIFT GUIDE: Holly Rose of Leotie Lovely

Holly shares her picks for the family what she's bought for loved ones in Christmases past. She's based in Paris, so our across-the-pond friends may find something special here!


For the past few years I’ve committed to eco-friendly and ethically made Christmas shopping, either giving a gift I’ve created (usually from my own collection), or buying an eco-friendly and ethically made version of an item listed on my loved one’s wishlist. 

Instead of focusing on a particular theme for this gift guide with bonJOY, I rounded up the gifts I purchased in the past year to give you a full gift guide. My family is a big one (my immediate family consists of 30 people), so you should find something for everybody in this list!

1. Sashka Co. ::: roll-on glass bracelets ::: $13.00
Last Christmas was my first Christmas with my husband’s family and I wasn’t sure if we were exchanging gifts so I bought all the girls bracelets from Shashka (and made the boys friendship bracelets the old-school way). They are beautiful glass beaded bracelets handcrafted by artisans in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Each purchase empowers Nepalese artisans to rise above poverty through fair trade and enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth.

2. WeWOOD ::: wooden watches ::: $99+
I’ve been eyeing these watches up myself since I discovered them on Instagram. They’re represented by the same eco agency as me in Australia and I’m committed to supporting my fellow eco-smart entrepreneurs. Their beautiful watches epitomize sophisticated sustainability and look darn good too. Each WeWood watch is made from recycled and reclaimed timber including Indian rosewood, mahogany, coffee tree, and teak, each with different healing properties and meanings. The company has teamed up with American Forests, Trees for the Future, and Conservation Volunteers to plant one tree for every watch sold.

3. Luva Huva ::: pajamas ::: $68+
It was slim pickinz in the ethical sleep and slink wear departments last year, I searched for ages before finally finding Luna Hava. They've got beautiful PJs and lingerie using ethically sourced and sustainable fabrics, handmade in England. I bought my mom a pair of PJs last Christmas and they were stunning!

4. CHAMOMILE & ROSES ::: baby bib ::: $5+
I buy almost every baby born a bib from this designer – she’s so kind and lovely and makes the cutest little babe and kid stuff out of organic fabrics at home while her babes sleep. I think it is a beautiful thing when the company you support goes straight to a family, and in this case, that is exactly what happens. I regularly purchase her bandanna bibs, collars, and headbands for my friend’s children.

5. LITTLE GREEN RADICALS ::: kid PJs :::  $30+
I bought my nephew a pair of lion PJs from these guys last year and they’re his absolute favorite. He’s nearly grown out of them (as toddlers do) so I’ll be getting him a new pair this Christmas too. They make adorable clothing and jackets too, plus everything they produce is fair trade and organic.

6. PANDA SUNGLASSES ::: bamboo sunglasses ::: $120
Most dudes I know are not the most graceful of fellas, my husband alone has gone through numerous pairs of plastic sunglasses primarily due to bad storage choices or the ocean, so sunglasses made 20x stronger than plastic which come with a lifetime warranty on top of being eco-friendly, floatable, and dang nice are huge selling points for me. I’m thinking of getting myself a pair too! Panda makes their glasses from ten layers of carefully layered, cross-woven, and forged-together eco-friendly bamboo. In addition to their environmental commitments, they have also partnered with Optometry Giving Sight so that each pair of sunglasses purchased gives the gift of vision to someone in need. 

7. Leotie Lovely ::: ethical, upcycled handbags ::: $25+
Shameless plug, but these handbags are eco and ethical and I’ve given them as gifts for as long as I have made them. They’re handmade (with Love) in England with upcycled vintage fabrics with organic zippers and ethically sourced details. 

8. CSERA ::: phone cases ::: $15+
Super beautiful handmade phone cases made from eco-friendly materials, recycled plastics, and with eco-friendly ink. You’ll get lost in her site and if you’re a terrible decision maker like me, likely have trouble getting just one. Both my husband and I have these phone covers and our phones have never looked so lovely or lasted so long (despite the daily drop!).

9. NV London Calcutta ::: wallet and accessories ::: $10+
I spent about 12 hours searching for an ethically produced, sustainable, handmade wallet for my sister last Christmas and this company was the very best I could find. Though they use leather (produced from bovine animal meat production) their slow fashion ethical practices and sustainability processes are incredibly impressive and the people who work there are truly kind. I adjusted the embellishment on mine to make it match with the Souk Soiree clutch I gave her, but it looks great as is too. I also bought my dad a customized key chain from them too, they were able to etch a drawing I made onto it which was awesome!

10. The House Of Marley ::: headphones ::: $30+
I bought my husband a pair of their bluetooth headphones last Christmas and I swear they haven't left his head area since. The cord-free option keeps big ole boys like him from getting tangled while running or working out; he uses them to listen to podcasts while cooking, listens to pumped up jams while road trippin' and just about everything in between. I got myself a pair of their earbuds last year too which were pretty wonderful. They feature a full line of over, on, and in-ear headphones made from sustainable materials and FSC-certified wood. To top all that goodness off, your purchases support the 1LOVE foundation which is dedicated to giving back through charities that empower individuals to take action for sustainable and responsible living. 

11. HowJoyfulShop ::: Rainbow Wishes art print ::: $12.00
There are lots of great gifts in this shop, my favourite of which being their “Say I Love You, Have a Grateful Heart, Snuggle as much as Possible, Work Hard, Create Something Everyday, Let Life be Imperfect, Always Be Kind, Use your Imagination, Wear a Smile Today, Be Yourself, Never Stop Dreaming, Choose your Friends Wisely, Forgive Freely, Keep your Promises, Remember to Say Thank you” Organic swaddle, handmade in California. 

Holly Rose is an eco-friendly clutch designer and conscious lifestlye blogger from Winnipeg, Manitoba, living in Paris, France.