GIFT GUIDE: For the Ethical Traveler, from Jen of Purse & Clutch

The Ethical Traveler’s Gift Guide

Hi there! It’s Jen from Purse & Clutch. I LOVE to travel & am always looking for an excuse to hop on a bus or plane and experience something new. There’s something so great about learning from the norms of other cultures that’s inspiring & keeps me energized. 

I like to travel as light as possible and love items with multiple used, but I always carry a book + a pen – anyone else physically unable to read without a pen in hand?? – because you never know when you’ll be stuck on your way to your next adventure for hours on end!

Despite not packing a ton, I still want to look effortlessly stylish whether I’m in New York or Northern Guatemala. I’ve found that neutral mixing with great textures and a few well-placed accessories can get you pretty far. 

Here are some fun ideas that I hope will spark some creativity ideas on what to give the traveler in your life (or what to put on your own Christmas list!)...



1. Goorin Bros ::: Maise Lock Wool Hat, purple ::: $140.00
Made in the US

2. Mata Traders ::: Tahoe Tribal Necklace ::: $36.00
Handmade in India

3. Purse & Clutch ::: Embossed Leather Pouchette ::: $89.00 
Handmade in Guatemala

4. Noonday Collection ::: Cubed Studs, Gold ::: $42.00
Handmade in Peru 

5. Connected Goods ::: Wood & Bone Safari Ink Pen ::: $9.00
Handmade in Kenya

6. Better Life Books ::: Used Copy of Walden ::: $3.98 & up 
Donated books, funds raised are invested in libraries & literary programs

7. Fortress of Inca ::: Cameron Oxford, Ash ::: $210.00
Handmade in Peru

Jen is the Executive Director at Purse & Clutch, a boutique where you can discover earth-friendly handbags fit for any music festival. Everything in their shop provides employment and empowerment for the artisans who make it.

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