Winter 2015: The Goods

have a peek at the great goods and positive impact we made together!


Merry, merry Christmas! (And Kwanzaa and Hanukkah and Boxing Day, Ramadan, St. Lucia Day, Three Kings Day, and New Years, and... did we miss any?) As we were putting these boxes together, we kept thinking about what would make the perfect present: something cozy, something warm, something to deck the tree, something for hostessing, something for beautifying... we don't have the pleasure of knowing you all on a personal basis, so we hope that if something's not quite your style, it'll be just the thing for gifting to someone else. 

We believe in stories. And each of these pieces comes with a brilliant one. Read on for all the details...

Heartfelt Handwarmers from Mulxiply  | retail: $20

Eco-friendly, fair trade, and small batch, these sweet handwarmers are made from felt that's handmade by artisans in Nepal. Honestly, could they BE any more heartwarming? 

INSTRUCTIONS: Pop in the microwave for 20-30 seconds then slip in pockets or mittens to enjoy 30 minutes of toasty hands! For an extra sweet gesture, have them warmed and ready for your partner as they head to work. 

THE GOOD FACTOR: Mulxiply's goal is to interrupt poverty with opportunity, which they do for a community in Nepal through the creation of their fair trade & fashionable felt, leather, and canvas goods... and now jewelry!

to-the-market-wine charms.png


Wine Charms from To The Market retail: $20

TO THE MARKET's survivor-made goods give back. These exclusive wine charms [coming soon to their webstore] in classic holiday colors give a kick of style to any holiday celebration. 

Instructions: Open up the ring to attach to stemware, helping you keep track of your drink through any seasonal dinner party. 

The Good Factor: Artisans at the Vi Bella Center in Haiti are provided employment, education, and opportunity that improves their living conditions and keeps families together. Without employment, people go hungry, have limited access to clean water, adequate housing, health care, and education. Parents often make the heart-wrenching decision to leave their children in orphanages because they simply do not have the money to feed them. By purchasing the bonJOY winter box, you helped provide sustainable employment and income to keep families together. Tell your friends as you sip away!

Holiday Travel Tin Candle from Prosperity Candle  retail: $12

Mm, the scents and smells of the holidays. When they're boxed up in a sweet little tin pronouncing a quote from an inspirational woman, what more could we ask for? What we love about tins: that we can just pop the lid on when the party's over, cutting back on smoke and maintaining the integrity of the scented air. 

HOSTESSING TIP: Candles add life and warmth to any space, so put a candle in your bathroom, bedroom, any room where guests might visit. And don't neglect trimming those wicks – it really makes a difference and cuts down on smoking. 

THE GOOD FACTOR: Fair trade, handmade, sustainable, and designed for good, each candle is hand-poured by women artisans (many of them refugees). Prosperity Candle is a certified B-Corp company, working to ensure that everything they do creates opportunity for women to thrive.

7-free nail polish in Bordeaux from LVX retail: $16

Slick on the shade of the season! We caught ourselves dreaming about spinning through our holiday parties bedecked in Bordeaux's deep, rich hue (part of their "Winter Resort" collection). Bold crimson, violet and magenta undertones, reds don't get much richer than this, and the color closes out 2015 with a final nod to Pantone's color of the year.  (BTW, you can pronounce LVX as "luxe" ... who knew?)

STYLIST TIP: For Christmas: short nails splashed in the dark, high-shine hue. For New Year's: longer nails with shimmering gold tips. And it's true  for a quicker-setting mani at home, let nails air dry for a minute, then dip into cold water to harden that polish faster. 

THE GOOD FACTOR: Non-toxic, 7-free, vegan, no animal cruelty, TPHP-free... all things we can get behind. Plus, LVX donated $1 for polish we featured in our boxes to the organization Love146, one of the pioneers in anti-trafficking awareness and the rescue of enslaved children and women. We love bringing the greats together!


Hemp Daisy Ornament from 107 Market Street retail: $3.00

We're a sucker for a sweet ornament, and even more when they come with a great story. At Christmastime, it's a sweet little reminder about the good you did in the world by purchasing a bonJOY box, but throughout the rest of the year, you can hang it in a window or around the house for a cheery perk-up.

STYLIST TIP: Attach to a hand-picked bouquet of wildflowers wrapped in parchment paper, or use to accent your gift wrap for any-occasion giving. Versatility and joy all in one little piece!

THE GOOD FACTOR: Anite lives in Haiti, and she's the artisan who made this piece. Purchases help her provide food and clean water for her children and other families in their neighborhood. 


Want to see how the bonJOY box comes together? Check out our behind-the-scenes album!