GIFT GUIDE: Elisabetta of Kurandza

another gift guide guest post!


1. Dot Products ::: The Dot Journal ::: $12.00
Our friends at Dot Products believe that school supplies can change lives. Every Dot product that’s sold provides half a day of schooling for a child in a developing nation. I love how they use school supplies to increase educational opportunities worldwide. 

2.  kidogo kidogo ::: Elephants Marching Phone Case ::: $28.00
Kidogo Kidogo, which means “little by little” in Swahili, is changing the world one phone case at a time. My favorite is their Elephants Marching case. They create impact by donating cell phones to low-income women in Tanzania. Not only do they give these women cell phones, but they also train them on the advantages of owning a phone and how to use it. Love what these guys are up to!

3. Rose & Fitzgerald ::: Petit Grey Arrow Basket ::: $155.00
A husband and wife team who lived in Uganda for three years runs this company. They create and curate beautiful baskets, wooden trays, jewelry, and more working alongside local artisans. This company values creating handcrafted goods from quality materials, while providing employment opportunities to local artisans.

4. Madecasse ::: Sea Salt & Nibs bar ::: $5.99
This company was also founded by Peace Corps volunteers after serving in Madagascar and falling in love with the country and its people. They are a social enterprise and help empower cocoa farmers through skills training and higher wages. Chocolate with social impact… two of my favorite things!

5. Sseko ::: Caramel Mojave Sandal ::: $79.99
What I love about Sseko is that they are so invested in the wellbeing of the women they work with! Sseko’s model is that they employ women who are getting ready to go to college, so that they can earn money that will pay for their college education. So far they have enabled at least 60 women to attend university! Amazing! Their signature product are their sandals, but they also make bags, scarves, and other products.

6. The Bloomerie ::: Tribe Tank ::: $26.00
This amazing company designs T-shirts inspired by female-led businesses that are doing good in the world. Each month, they collaborate with a different purpose-based company and give back $5 of each purchase to their cause! Check out their shirts  they are fun and give back at the same time!

7. Kurandza ::: Swiluva Tote Bag ::: $38.00
Last year when I finished my three-year assignment with the Peace Corps in Mozambique, I decided to start Kurandza as a way to continue supporting the community who had become like family to me. Through the sale of handmade bracelets, earrings, and tote bags (like this colorful tote), we are able to provide monthly income to nine women in Mozambique and also fund development programs that help the rest of the community with educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.

8. Fair Trade Friday ::: Earring of the Month Club ::: $11.99/month
This is such a fun option for someone who loves fair trade jewelry! When you join the Fair Trade Friday earring of the month club, you will be sent a different pair of handmade ethically-produced earrings every month. The sale of these earrings helps provide jobs to women artisans all across the world!

Kurandza ("to love" in the local language) out to empower women in Mozambique many of them HIV-positive through employment and education. Profits from sales go back into their communities to help with development efforts

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