bonJOY Core Values #3: RESTORATION

a post from Esther


We select brands who are actively involved in work that equips and restores women by providing economic opportunity and/or who walk with them on their path to wholeness. In our own ways, we each carry our own brokenness, so we seek to use our platform to spread good words, and even sometimes challenging, reaching-into-the-depths-of-your-soul words, in hopes of helping those around us live a little more at peace deep down inside.

Restoration is another big and beautiful word I'm trying to understand more these days. I feel it's something that goes beyond healing. I think of healing as the scar tissue that remains after a very deep wound, or what happens after someone has recovered after breaking a major bone and completing physical therapy to help that part of the body be functional again... but the truth is that part of the skin or that bone will never really be the same.  My personal definition of being restored is: to be made fully into what was to begin with, if not more. 

When I think about how many people out there have been oppressed for years (and in some cases, their whole life), it makes me wonder about how possible healing or restoration is for them because they're so used to a certain way of life and haven't had many chances to see that life is supposed to be better. Acknowledging that you've been violated, abused, and taken advantage of for so long  I can only imagine how crippling this can be. And then to take the steps needed to make changes for a better life on top of that...

Healing is tough. It requires acknowledging that there's been damage done and that you are the one who received that damage recognizing the first half of this is hard enough, recognizing both at the same time can be debilitating for many. 

Many of the survivors our partners have been serving are in that stage of healing and recovery where the cast has been taken off but there's still much physical therapy to be done. I see healing as the process in which they are gaining their lives and independence back. Restoration is the process that begins when they are self-sustaining, thriving, and being equipped (mentally, emotionally, and physically) to overcome hard circumstances that may arise again.

We've learned that we can't just give charity if we want to be a part of restoration. It's not about just placing a bandage. It's about the long haul can we be there to see that our sisters build strength to overcome the wounds? 

What are some actions or changes you can implement in your life that will go beyond charity? 

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