Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Annie, Community Engager

We've been learning a lot these past few months! Especially, we've been learning how essential and powerful it is to engage our community and really point them to organizations we feel are doing some amazing, innovative work in prevention and restoration. When Annie approached us about her interest in allying with us and her heart in relationship building, we knew we found someone with a passion for engaging with others and speaking with spirit and honesty. We love Annie's compassionate heart for people, building relationships, and getting others excited about the good work our partners are doing.

So, everyone, here's Annie in her own words:

Annie Hodges

...is getting a corgi puppy SOON!
...loves food... and people who love food!
...HAS to have nails painted... no naked nails for this girl!
...is energized by nature. Being in the sunshine or listening to the rain revives my soul!
...makes the BEST snickerdoodle cookies
...loves makeup and anything that makes me feel pretty!
...lives near Sacramento, CA
...uses tons of exclamation marks when writing!

Hi! I’m so excited and blessed to be a part of this amazing cause! When I read about bonJOY, I couldn’t help but think, “Genius! A little box that brings beauty, health and happiness to doorsteps and also benefits women who need our love, support, and attention? I say a huge YES to that!" Have you ever felt like you needed to contribute “something” to this world? That you are on this earth to do more than just exist? Well that’s me. So when the opportunity popped up for me to just say yes, I did! I work for the Sacramento Metro Chamber, which means that it’s my job to help connect businesses to their community, help them establish quality relationships with other organizations and help provide more exposure for their brand or mission. I’m so excited for this new challenge in my life, and while I’m very new to this and am still learning, I’m proud to say that I just said “YES”! 

We are too, Annie... we are too!