Reflections on Father's Day

we (heart) dads.

from Esther, co-founder

With Father's Day comes a plethora of memories and emotions for me. Throughout my life my dad was very present and involved, and he played a highly impactful role; he wasn't just my dad - he was my teacher and my protector, always eager to teach me lessons and making sure I was OK and if I needed anything. Very sadly, he passed away in December of 2008 after an aggressive battle with a very tough-to-beat form of cancer. Though I cannot talk to or see him anymore, his legacy lives on through me. As I think on this, it makes me understand more the powerful impact dads have on their daughters' lives. How my dad raised me affected how I am today, probably in more ways than I'm aware of. I'm so thankful that his voice in my life was strong. Dads, your daughters want you to know and see them we value this so much. Challenge and encourage us to be better, stronger, and always growing it's one of the greatest gifts my dad gave me.

from Julie, co-founder

Dads play this incredibly powerful role, and I'm lucky that my grandfather, dad, and husband have all worked so hard at rising to those responsibilities. Moms are amazing, but there's something about a dad that can really bring a childlike fun to an occasion (and they're always good for an ice cream cone). It's so cool to look at kids watching their dads: that wonder and respect and pride that bubbles out of their eyes. I am grateful for men in my life who have taken that seriously!

from Megan, volunteer

As Father’s Day approaches, it’s always a time for me to reflect on my relationship with my dad and how he shaped and formed me into the woman I am today.

My dad is no longer with us, and in fact, he never really got to see me mature and become an “adult” but if he was here, I hope he’d be proud. Whether he knew it or not, he was always a huge influence on me, in part because we had such similar personalities. As a child, I noticed everything he said and did. His words and actions were powerful in my life. Whether it was a kind word to me or simply showing up to my swim meets – even when I now understand how difficult it must have been for him to slip away from work I knew he had my back.

So dads, remember that you are a great influence in your daughters’ lives. How you speak to and treat them and others is noticed, filed away, and will impact her in some way. Remember to shower your daughter with compliments but also teach her along the way. Above all else, don’t forget to be her greatest fan because she is yours.