Beauty Tip: Picking the Right Foundation

a post from Esther

photo credit: Ferro Cosmetics

photo credit: Ferro Cosmetics

Hello everyone! I believe that finding a good foundation that's right for your skin is the backbone to applying makeup correctly and achieving that ultimate polished look. Where do we start? I will break down a few steps for you that I know have worked very well:


Know your skin tone and shade. Does your skin have warm, cool, or neutral tones? If you're not certain what your tones are, ask a few friends and see what they think. Shade simply means the brightness of your skin - ranging from fair to dark. I recommend being near a natural light source to discern your tone and shade versus going to the store and asking the staff to tell you because stores tend to be flooded with unnatural, fluorescent light which will give an incorrect appearance of your skin.


Decide what you want to use foundation for - everyday use, photo shoot coming up, special occasion? If you're looking into light to medium coverage for everyday wear, BB or CC creams will suffice. If photography will be involved, I would definitely opt for a full coverage liquid foundation and a setting powder. I would avoid using foundation powders alone, even if you have very oily skin. 


Now that you've figured our your tone, shade, and also the purpose you've designated to your foundation, you're ready to go shopping! I gravitate towards stores and websites that sell products made with healthy, pure ingredients (even better, some of our partners who do good in the process!). If you find yourself in a brick-and-mortar store, test foundations by swatching them on your cheek right on the jaw line and see which ones blend into your skin. If there's a natural light source nearby, take a mirror with you and stand near the light to see how well the foundations have blended in. If you're still unsure or can't make up your mind, ask for a sample or two to test at home and see how they work out after you blend into a wider surface area.  

BONUS TIP: If you're like me and your skin shade changes dramatically between the seasons, try buying a foundation for winter use and one for summer use. Experiment and blend a little bit of each on your hand before applying to face during the spring and fall seasons to achieve the most accurate shade. My recommendation is to use foundations from the same company since the formulas are identical and you won't have to worry about the textures not blending together.

Good luck! I'd love to hear some of your favorite foundation brands and tricks. Leave 'em in the comments!