Guest Post: Whitney's Wedding Turns Do-Good Opp

a guest post by Whitney H. 


As I'm writing this now, I realized that I officially have less than a year until the big event. While my fiancé, Jason, and I still have a lot to do, we've already tackled some of the big items: booked a venue, picked the date, of course, found my dress (!!!!). 

Being that we're both social workers by trade, we wanted to be intentional about what vendors and decor we would be going for. For example, when we heard about Chive, a catering company that strives to be eco-friendly, zero-waste, and farm-to-table, we both immediately thought they would be an ideal choice. Initially, I wasn't entirely sure how we could further instill our social justice values into what we wanted. That is, until the ladies of bonJOY had pointed out to me that there is a plethora of wedding brands, companies, and vendors that intentionally give back to their communities!

This is my personal equivalent of being a kid in a candy shop (albeit, a fair trade one). Despite me wanting to dive into the beauty, clothing, food, and accessories out there, I decided to take a step back and be a bit more practical in terms of what should be checked off the long list of to-dos. With a caterer in mind and no real leads (yet!) for a photographer, it's a good a time as ever to look at hotels. 

While the majority of our guests and wedding party live in New England, we will have family coming from various parts of the country, meaning that we're going to need to block off some hotel rooms nearby. While perusing the Black Sheep Bride website, I stumbled upon Hotels for Hope. This organization – for free! – will work to help you find the best price for blocking off hotel rooms for out-of-town guests, and for each room booked, they donate $2 to a project of your choice. Not wanting to pass this up, I entered our wedding details and provided an estimate on the number of rooms we would need. After I submitted my information, I was informed that if all rooms were booked by my guests, $120 would be donated to the project of my choice, FarmAid HOMEGROWN Youth Market . Not bad!

The Hotels for Hope site said that I should be hearing back in the next two business days to discuss blocking off the hotel rooms. Fantastic!

While I'm on the topic of hotels, I'm going to do a bit of crowdsourcing: if you're having a lot of out-of-town guests come to your wedding, would you prepare small bags/baskets of goodies for them? For example, a list of things to see/eat/do, a few paper flowers from Appetite Paper in our wedding colors, some Rooted Beauty Lip Butter or Facial Wipes (I'm obsessed with the face wipes!) and some mini soaps from Hope Soap, or even just a map of events and some fair trade chocolate? I'm conscious of the fact that some guests are having to come from Phoenix, Memphis, and Atlanta, so I'm hoping to make our wedding as memorable – in a good way – as possible. Or maybe I'll just go with some fair trade chocolates like the ones over at Taza or Divine Chocolate, since I tend to believe that chocolate makes things just a bit better. :-) 

— Whitney

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