5 Classic, No-Fail Picks for Valentine's Day

you're gonna wanna make sure your man sees these... 

1. Flowers | One World Flowers ($45+)
STOP! Before you grab a pocketful of posies from the nearest florist, do some research or ask where they're sourced. Flowers are up there with chocolate, coffee, and clothing for labor violations -- which means you need to find a fair trade option. The good news: there are some big suppliers like ProFlowers who make a solid ethical commitment. There are even organic options out there if she wouldn't have it any other way. These bouquets from One World Flowers are Fair Trade Certified.

2. Organic Dark Chocolate Hearts | Equal Exchange ($6.99)
If yours is the mushy gushy, ooey gooey kind of love, these are the chocolates for you. Fair trade chocolate, wrapped in a smooch of shiny foil. Now you're speaking her language...

3. Infinity Necklace | Purpose Jewelry ($28.00)
You'll love her forever, and this timeless necklace is without limits! It comes in gold or silver, and it's made and signed by the survivor of trafficking who made it. 

4. Card | Good Paper ($5.99)
Sweet, sentimental, or silly, all the cards from Good Paper have heart. Made using fair trade practices, there's a lot of good behind each one: "...lovingly handcrafted in Rwanda by young people who have been orphaned by genocide or disease. All the paper is handmade from local Rwandan office waste, making it environmentally sustainable, too. Envelope included."

(selection shown from a previous box)

(selection shown from a previous box)

5. The Spring bonJOY Box | bonJOY ($45.00)
Shameless self-promotion alert! But seriously, we curate from an outstanding list of brands who go beyond fair trade to support and empower disadvantaged communities, at-risk women, and survivors of trafficking. We present do-good goods with a modern aesthetic, useful function, and deliver it all to her doorstep with a heaping serving of JOY. See what we've featured before > 

bonJOY is a subscription box for discovering fashion, beauty, and living products from brands that go beyond fair trade. We find beautiful & useful products that support and empower at-risk and trafficked women, then deliver them delightfully to your doorstep.