Just Breathe!: Stress Less for Thanksgiving!

This year's Thanksgiving is a special one for me, indeed. With a new little one in my family who's also healthy and growing (and strong-willed!), I feel especially thankful and blessed. That being said, being a new mom is hard work and uncharted waters for me! So these days I've been thinking of ways of how to make Thanksgiving more enjoyable and relaxing...maybe it's because I haven't really relaxed since becoming a mom, ha! 

Since it's impossible to provide a formula for a no-stress holiday, here are some of my suggestions I'd like to share with y'all for a less-stress Thanksgiving!

Trim the (turkey?) fat - In other words, simplify! If you're organizing a feast in your home (yay we applaud your ambition!), cut yourself a little slack! Flashy centerpieces are not essential. A 100% DIY affair is admirable, but DIY should be kept fun and not feel like it's depleting you of all your energy. No need to bring out the fancy china...maybe opt for nice sturdy disposable plates so the dish washing load is cut in half! Maybe this is the year you tell your boss you can't work on Thanksgiving day/weekend ("accidentally" leave your work computer at home? ***disclaimer: in no way are we suggesting you do anything you think will risk your job security!). Maybe this year enjoy a staycation at home and order takeout the night before Thanksgiving. We don't judge...and neither should you! 

Volunteer - We're all for giving back! I've yet to meet a person who turned into a grumpy pants from giving their time to help someone in need. Browse online for local organizations hosting turkey dinners for the homeless or folks who are in tough times. Better yet, find a loved one to serve with! You don't even have to serve the whole day, just a couple hours to get out of the house and do some good and be a good neighbor. You'll be so happy you did!

Take a walk - Spending a little time outside and enjoying the fresh air can only do good things for the mind and heart. Reflecting on your blessings this year (even if it's been a tough one) can be rejuvenating and keep your whole life, bumps and all, in perspective. Take deep breaths and relish the beauty of the season. 

Eat well (and balanced) - I'm all for wearing the eating pants, y'all. But indigestion? Not so much. Slow down and enjoy the food you eat vs hoovering. You'll have a happier meal, but it also compliments the chef when you savor each bite. 

Don't shop on Thanksgiving - Seriously, peeps. Don't do it. Don't rush to the stores right after quality time with loved ones to wait in long lines to score a deal on something cheap and flimsy (these are the businesses that likely overwork, underpay, and under-appreciate their employees). You can wait at least another 12 hours to snag some deals online. May we suggest waiting until Small Business Saturday to shop?

Basically, the point is that I think holidays like Thanksgiving are meant to be enjoyable and relaxing. A time to chill out and take care of you. 

What are some things you are doing this year for a stress-less Thanksgiving?