Spring 2016: Product & Partner Round-up

the products. the partners. the impact.


concept statement:

We welcome spring with open arms! Light + bright, with a nod toward Pantone's colors of the year. We're wanting to freshen up, move gracefully, and add a hint of shimmer to emphasize our healthy glow.

Tagua Nut Necklace (custom!) ::: Tipharah's

(retail value: $20.00) A gorgeous pink and coral tagua nut necklace with accents of grey. Light-weight but also sure to add a color pop to any outfit.

IMPACT: Tipharah's pieces are handmade by women in Equador who have escaped situations of human trafficking and abuse. This jewelry brand partners with an organization that provides safe shelter and services to women who need healing and also an opportunity to make a living. All the profits from sales of Tipharah's pieces are reinvested to this organization so that more women can be served.

Stylist tip: The pink and coral shades of this stunning necklace is perfect for accessorizing with light colors, or, if you wanna be a little more daring and bold, adding a feminine color pop to a little black dress or an outfit of neutrals.

Free to Bloom pouch ::: The Tote Project

(retail value: $15) How about an accessory that is both useful and prompting? This beautiful pouch says "spring!" with a sweet floral design. Use to store your essentials while receiving a lovely nudge of inspiration!

IMPACT: The story of The Tote Project aligns so closely with ours. A series of heartbreaking experiences, a documentary, and two friends with hearts to make impact... that's their story! The Free to Bloom pouch was handmade by survivors of trafficking and made in a certified fair trade factory in India with 100% organic cotton and recycled sari fabric. These pouches represent, both in the making and the message, the elements of restoration and renewal. #holdontohope

Packing tip: Not just for cosmetics, a great pouch can stash away anything from jewelry to underwear. I even use one to store all my electronics accessory to keep things nice and organized!

4Her Fragrance ::: The THX Co.

(retail value: $10.00+) A perfect blend of floral and citrus with a hint of spice! This refreshing scent will remind you of warm sunny days to come.

IMPACT: These guys are rockstars in responsibly sourced products and giving back. We were so inspired by their "pay what you want" model (you choose what you pay and what organization you want to give the profits to) that we had to incorporate that as part of our giving and impact this year! Take a look around their innovative website to learn more about where your products come from!

Stylist tip: Add a spritz to your lingerie drawer, closet, or stationery for an extra whiff of do-good glamour.

Rose Sparkle Lip Gloss ::: My Sister

(retail value: $7.50) Light, delicate, and with a touch of berrylicious flavor! A dab of sparkly lip gloss gives that pucker-up shine to any skintone. 

IMPACT: The mission of My Sister is to fight sexual exploitation and educate communities on the issue. They encourage us to think of women and girls who have been trapped in these situations as our sisters, asking the question, "What can we do with what we have to help our sister?" At least 6% of profits are given to their non-profit partners who are making strides in aftercare, prevention, and ending demand. #mysisterlivesfree

Stylist tip: Add a light smudge to cheekbones and beneath the curve of your eyebrows for a youthful, dewy glow.

In case you missed it: At least $1 from each spring box purchase goes to The A21 Campaign, an organization doing incredible work in the fight against human trafficking. Read our blog post interview with Katrina.

What'd you think? Snap your pics and tag us @bonjoybox and #joyculture so we can see your do-good goods in action! Thanks for supporting our little box biz and believing in the power of joy and opportunity to fight trafficking. It matters!