The April Box Product & Partner Round-Up

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concept statement:

thinking spring with all our might, we're gravitating towards light and sweet scents, more wholesome routines, and adding no-fuss accessories to perk up our look.


Cucumber Melon Jar Candle ::: WAR (Women At Risk) Chest Int'l

Ah, the sweet scent of impending summer! With its fruity hues and beloved jar packaging, this candle is burnin' to bring a burst of life and goodness to any room.

IMPACT: WAR Chest International does amazing work with survivors of trafficking and women at-risk. Their approach covers everything from awareness to aftercare and employment, and their retail shops sound like a dream!

Gifting tip: When gifting a candle, stock up your gift bag with a cute box of matches, a luxe wick trimmer, and a pretty tray to display your carefully curated assortment upon.



Sample Kit ::: Ashley Asti Skincare

Perfectly packaged with three little potion bottles stocked with precious drops of Green Tea Facial Mist, Blue Chamomile Face Oil, and Love Your Body Deodorant, we love this little kit for its uplifting, routine-changing goodness. 

IMPACT: Ashley Asti Skincare abides by ten commandments of ethical, wholesome, joyful business and gives back in a range of ways. The founder, Ashley Asti, is also behind Exhale to Inhale, a yoga practice for survivors of abuse and trafficking. We love what they're about!

Curator tip: I save up my sample kits to pack for weekends away. It feels so indulgent and is a fun way to step out of my usual routine without risking chemical-laden hotel standards as I try to relax. However... I don't think I'll be waiting to try this one!


Sailor Knot Headband ::: rePURPOSE

You can thank the bonJOY Brand Ambassadors for this pick! rePURPOSE has so many fun and chic headbands that we had to take a vote on the very favorite, most ready-for-summer piece from this wonderful brand. With so many styles and colors available, you'll have to check out the full range of offerings on their website to build out your collection. 

IMPACT: Fashioned of recycled jersey knit material, made by local women, and collecting 100% of profits for anti-trafficking organizations, rePURPOSE splits hairs to do the right thing. In the works: an employment program for refugee women!

Stylist tip: Go classy & comfy with a high, loose top-knot (don't use the headband to hold back stray hairs keep it loose!) or try out the hippie effect with a straight-down-the-middle part and pulling the headband all the way down to the middle of your forehead. Find a new look? Tag us in your pic @bonjoybox and @repurposeaccessories!



Daisy Stem ::: 107 Market Street

We just really, really feel better when there are flowers in our life. Maybe it's a girl thing, maybe it's a c'mon-spring thing, but these little stems just made us smile and we couldn't resist the opp to pass them on to you.

IMPACT: 107 Market Street is a wonderful marketplace for discovering do-good brands. These hemp posies are made in Haiti by a woman named Anite, who uses the proceeds to feed her family. We love when we get to see a picture of the artisan behind what we buy and know that the work it provides is meaningful!

Curator tip: Plop in a bud vase, secure a gift bag, twist around a bottle of wine, or twirl into your hair to spread joy wherever you go!


SPEAK LIFE temporary tattoos ::: She Does Justice

Now that we're showing a little more skin (goodbye and good riddance, winter coats!), we're taking our skin out for a spin and looking for new ways to adorn ourselves. Temp tattoos are all the rage among the celebrity set, and we love getting to mix up our look with rotating designs and messages. We loved this positive reminder to encourage our sisters and choose words that give life.

IMPACT: Beyond empowering women like us to make a difference, 10% of sales go to the initiative you choose (they have a list of five to choose from, and one is trafficking). 

Stylist tip: Temporary tattoos are more fun! You can put your message front and center without risking raised eyebrows.

In case you missed it: At least $1 from each spring box purchase goes to The A21 Campaign, an organization doing incredible work in the fight against human trafficking. Read our blog post interview with Katrina.

What'd you think? Snap your pics and tag us @bonjoybox and #joyculture so we can see your do-good goods in action! Thanks for supporting our little box biz and believing in the power of joy and opportunity to fight trafficking. It matters!