The May Box Product & Partner Round-Up

the products, the partners, the impact

concept statement:

warm weather is here to stay, and we're getting skin and psyche ready for summer's glowing debut!

WISH roll-on perfume ::: GLOW for a cause

One sniff, two sniff... we're in love. Concocted of the finest and purest ingredients! Notes include: bergamot, tea, freesia, jasmine, orange blossom, orchid, rose, and patchouli in a moisturizing oil blend.

IMPACT: 5% of profits from all orders go to non-profits (you choose at checkout). We designated The Gathering Place, a drop-in refuge in Denver, CO for those experiencing poverty and homelessness.

Stylist tip: Roll-ons are great for layering scents, so you can build a signature sniff that's all your own. Check out their other roll-on scents to mix-and-match!

Vegan Kayonza Bracelet ::: Badala

Crafted with a silicone alternative to leather and perky paper bead. We're keeping an eye on this brand it's basically a worldly Anthropologie with a much deeper story.

IMPACT: Badala was founded as a response to women who were prostituting themselves to feed their families. The women didn't ask for handouts, they asked for opportunity – and Badala brought it, providing employment to women and artisans in East Africa, Central America, and domestically.

Stylist tip: Bring summer festival flavor to your wrists with a pile of bangles! Mix materials and find the stack that works just right without going overboard. Try pairing this piece with friendship bracelets and other woven wristlets.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Bath Soak ::: Revive

A warm soak after a long day's play? Yes please. Slip into your bath with this soak that's vegan, cruelty-free, and rich in earth elements. The formula: 

Epsom salts, to relieve the aches of a day well-lived.
Sea salts, to release toxins and revitalize the body.
Himalayan pink sea salt, naturally rich with 84 minerals!
Hibiscus flowers, to firm and lift sun-kissed skin.

IMPACT: Revive partners with HavenATL, a local organization in Atlanta, Georgia that provides job training for women exiting the sex trade.

Relaxation tip: Sometimes (most times) a bath takes intention. Be intentional about carving out a quiet time to soak, think, and let yourself be. Feel the water flow through your fingers. Breathe in the salt-laced moisture. Close your eyes and focus on life-giving thoughts, then leave the bath resolved to live with joy in some new way.


2016 Desk Calendar ::: Marie Mae

Okay, so it's a little late in the year, but here's the deal. The year is still starting! It's not even close to over! All those resolutions and expectations you had for 2016 it's not too late! Revisit those hopes and dreams that were just blooming at the start of the year and resolve not to let the days get away from you, starting now. 

IMPACT: Each ethically made product from their line of stationery and office supplies translates to one hour of education for women entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Who knows... maybe with this box we helped kickstart the next do-good brand to changes the lives of survivors around the world!

Tip from Julie: I love calendars, especially expertly designed ones like this. I don't want turning the month over to be the end of its functionality, so I like to stockpile past months and write someone a letter on the back of each page. It's a clever way to recycle... and who doesn't love getting real mail?

In case you missed it: At least $1 from each May monthly box purchase goes to The A21 Campaign, an organization doing incredible work in the fight against human trafficking. Read our blog post interview with Katrina.

What'd you think? Snap your pics and tag us @bonjoybox and #joyculture so we can see your do-good goods in action! Thanks for supporting our little box biz and believing in the power of joy and opportunity to fight trafficking. It matters!