June Guest Artist: The Tabitha Shop

discover artwork from artists with heart

Ah, where would we be without creativity? We keep discovering so many incredibly talented artists who are supporting a do-good lifestyle in their own way and thought, hey, we have a great platform for sharing their work! So, our boxes now feature an all-new roster of work from artists who beautifully challenge us to live more ethically, more joyfully, more generously. You'll see their work as soon as you open up that box – once you flip to read more about what's inside the box, we hope you'll pin it up somewhere where it'll give you a smile, challenge you, and remind you of the good you did fighting trafficking through purchasing a bonJOY box. Snap a pic and tag us! @bonjoybox on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Mikaela, artist & founder of The Tabitha Shop says: 

"I love the simplicity of this quote. Sometimes we make joy so complicated. It’s there. Let’s just grab it and radiate it."

ABOUT: Mikaela is the self-taught artist behind The Tabitha Shop, where you can find stationery that benefits women in third-world countries. She believes in the power of handmade + social good... and we do, too!

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