October Guest Artist: Virginia Lucas Hart for Malena

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"It always seems impossible until it's done."
Nelson Mandela 

This is one of those quotes we always want to carry with us. Whether it's tackling that stack of post-party dishes or fighting hard for freedom, we never want to give up. When we discovered this beautifully lettered piece in Malena's store, we had to reach out and share it with you (BTW, it's available for purchase right here!). Here's our little interview with Flynn, founder of Malena, and Virginia Lucas Hart, the artist behind the piece: 

What was it about this quote that resonated with you? 
Flynn: Nelson Mandela is a hero of mine (his book Long Walk to Freedom is always on my bookshelf), and as an international human rights lawyer who believes in advocating for the equality, dignity, rights, joy, and futures of all people, this quote is a reminder of all that Mandela went through, what so many have gone through, and that even the most challenging and seemingly impossible situations can make way for social change, social justice, and the beauty and joy that might just be right around the corner, if we can just find a way to work hard, help others, believe in humanity, and stay true to our values. Even when all seems lost, it can be found again.

Any other quotes that inspire you to keep pressing on when the going gets tough?
Flynn: Another of my favorite quotes is:  "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." ~Vivian Greene

Virginia, your handlettering is gorgeous. How many years have you been practicing?  
Virginia: Thank you! I suppose I've been practicing since I could first hold a crayon, but I was introduced to pointed pen calligraphy five years ago, in 2011.

And what made you want to collaborate with Malena?
Virginia: Malena is a beautifully curated online marketplace with an important mission that promotes artisans from around the world, sharing and celebrating their stories, and in turn, empowering their individual missions through opportunity. I calligraphed this quote to be a gift for those investing in Malena's campaigns as a small gesture of gratitude for those supporting such a great cause.

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