HOT HOT HOT: The Inspiration Behind Summer's Seasonal Box

a little glimpse into the mindset fueling our latest curation

What we love about summer: Color. Deliciousness. Hosting barbeques and potlucks galore. Days at the beach. Sunshine glinting off metallic accessories. Setting skin free to soak up sun.

What the season demands: Extreme hydration for skin and body. Keeping energy up when on the go. Accessories that shine under the sun. Pieces for the home that pull it all together.

That's all the hints we're giving, folks!

The summer box is a beautiful collection of goods to make your summer festivities extra fun and make you – you beautiful thang! – sparkle (and also help you beat the heat). 

Don't miss your chance to grab your Summer Seasonal Box – they're selling fast, and once they're gone, they're gone like king kong! BTW, the value of this box? Nearly $100. Yep. This curation is pretty spectacular (excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back...).

You'll do some real good with your purchase and also have an extra opportunity to give back ($1 to match our giving, $5, $10, or $25) to summer's Give-Back Partner International Justice Mission. They're leading the way in fighting trafficking and restoring justice around the world.

Want more? While you're at it, we've got a fantastic June monthly box being queued up right now, and also our fan-favorite bitty bundles.

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