Pockets of Positive Impact

a post from Esther

Howdy friends! Can you believe 2016 is already half gone? My mom keeps telling me that time goes by faster as you get older... boy is she right!

This has been a big week for us. With our launch of an exciting new recurring subscription option, I would love to share with you the goodness we've been able to achieve so far this year, what our hope and goal is with this new recurring subscription option, and why this option really truly has the most impact-filled potential out of all our offerings.

Whenever we're considering a big decision like this one, we're asking ourselves these core questions: How do we change the world through what we do? What leads to ongoing change and positive impact? And what can we put out there that makes this easy, affordable, and accessible for our customers?

Goodness achieved so far in 2016:

  • Donated $202 (so far!) to A21 and IJM  to support their efforts to end trafficking and provide great aftercare to survivors.
  • Introduced our customers to over 25 ethical brands who are supporting women in need.
  • Partnered with Kurandza to #feedmozambique (their campaign raised over $7000).
  • Supported causes that fight exploitation, poverty, homelessness, sexual violence, and domestic abuse.

The needs of our world can seem super daunting and overwhelming sometimes, right? Especially these days when you think about the refugee crisis, terrorism, and the violence that seems to keep happening in our own country. 

Being the kind of peeps we are - just two ladies in San Francisco and Boulder wanting to change the world - sometimes the best thing we feel we can do is focus on doing a little bit of good with what we have and where we're at. I like to think of this as "pockets of positive impact" - we may not have a lot of money, resources, or time to do something big, but we have what we have and that's what we'll use to make a difference. As we aspire to weave this into what we do with bonJOY and to encourage y'all to come along with us to create ongoing positive change, who knows, maybe over time our little "pockets of positive impact" will make bigger things possible!


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