The Bump Box: What's Inside

peek inside this special curation designed to pamper from bump to baby shower and beyond!

We had so much fun choosing products for this box... I guess pregnancy and the realness of upcoming motherhood sparks that kind of inspiration! Ultimately, I opted to select mainly items that came in handy for me as I trek through my first pregnancy. These are things I found myself thinking about a lot, but would feel awkward adding on a baby registry. I wanted to create a box for moms that would include "safe for mommy & baby" goods + have a good mission behind them... and I wanted this collection as a whole to be encouraging. Ladies, here are the fruits of my labor! (pun intended). — Esther

the perfect pampering for you or a friend...

Lavender Shower Gel + Citrus Vanilla Lip Balm ::: Thistle Farms
Retail Value: $10 + $3.50
When you (finally!) get a chance to shower or your lips could use a pick-me-up, these goodies from Thistle Farms come in handy when you’re deep in momma duty and in desperate need to be refreshed!

Fellow mom-folk have often spoken of the Showerless Day...and sometimes, week. This concept grosses me out a little bit, but 'tis true; these showers don't come as often as we hope they will, haha. But when they do, I think it's totally OK to indulge in the moment and treat yourself to something that soothes and cleanses at the same time (I call it pampering with efficiency!)

Thistle Farms is a beautiful organization working with women who are healing from exploitation and addiction. In addition to offering a 2-year residential program, Thistle Farms also provides education and job skills training.


Marshmallow and Calendula Breastfeeding Cream ::: Ashley Asti
Retail Value: $25
A little sore here or itchy there? Gently rub a dab of this rich, buttery and certified fair trade cream made with organic, safe ingredients and you’ll be soothed as you keep baby fed and happy!

I'm really looking forward to breastfeeding my little one. Not so much looking forward to the dryness/irritation that may come with it... especially in those sensitive areas. But I tested this cream on my skin just to get an idea of what it feels like and I'm feeling pretty confident it will be a really soothing remedy to apply and is also safe for baby!

Ashley Asti is one of our favorite brands because of her devotion to and integrity when it comes to pure, wholesome ingredients and in supporting and encouraging women. Be sure to check out her Mama Love skin care set!


7-Free Nail Polish in Ikaika ::: Square Hue
Retail Value: $10
Ikaika is a Hawaiian word that means “strong.” And momma, it sure does take strength to take on pregnancy and motherhood doesn’t it? Free of several chemicals pregnant women are advised to avoid, we’re confident you can wear this purple creme shade loud and proud!

Stylist tip: Apply 2-3 generous coats of this luscious nail color and then a layer of clear top coat for a longer-lasting effect!

Squarehue is currently partnering with The A21 Campaign (our spring quarter give-back partner!) to fight human trafficking and provide solid aftercare to survivors around the world. Want to add more to your stash? To receive the best deal, try subscribing to receive their monthly boxes! We love 'em!


Square Bars ::: Square Organics
Retail Value: approx. $2.87/bar
Did you know when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you need extra protein? These delicious protein bars, which are also coated in chocolate (*girlie squeal*), will fill your tummy with good nourishment and give you a mommy-boost!

Anyone experience a fun combination of chocolate cravings and the need for more protein? I already have a sweet tooth when I'm not pregnant, but pregnancy has found a way to make that sweet tooth even stronger... so Square Bars have made it possible for me to nourish myself with protein supplements and satisfy my chocolate craving. Plus they contribute a portion of sales to Not For Sale (an organization fighting human trafficking)... it's just the perfect brand, really. Square Bars, you make my preggie life so happy and healthy!

Square Organics' protein bars are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Certified, Gluten-free Certified, Soy-free, Dairy-free, and Vegan.


Rooibos Chai Tea (Caffeine-Free) ::: The THX Co. 
Retail Value: $12
Hydration = so important during pregnancy... OK pretty much all the time. Try this pregnancy-friendly blend chilled on ice for a cooling refreshment... after all, water gets boring after a while right?

Confession: I hate water. What I learned in my pregnancy: I hate water even more. But what's a girl to do when you're supposed to hydrate like a bazillion times more because you're pregnant and the thought of water is unbearable? For me, iced or chilled caffeine-free tea came to the rescue! Try making this tea cold-brew styles and keep it on hand with you in a water bottle that comes with a built-in mesh strainer. Taste buds will be happier, your body is hydrated, and you'll feel good. Win-win-win!

The THX Co is a really neat give-back company, focused on kindness and generosity, that creates wholesome products and gives to various causes we care deeply about, i.e. poverty, exploitation, education, clean water. For more information about this tea blend, visit the THX Co's page about their teas.


Hair bow or bow tie ::: One Loom Designs
Retail Value: $6.50
Here’s a little something to make your cutie even cuter (if that’s possible)! Brilliantly handmade with a clip, you can use this as a hair bow for your little lady or a bow tie for your little man. Awwwwww.

Just really excited to pair this with lots of cute dresses!

One Loom Designs works with mothers in Guatemala and provides them with sustainable employment and income to support themselves and their families. 

cheers to a happy & healthy pregnancy!