The Most Golden Olympic #Sisterhood Moments of Rio2016

a post from Esther

The Olympic games in Rio are wrapping up and we've seen a lot of great moments that made us feel proud of our fellow lady-folk. Here are some of my favorites!

1.) Gymnast Laurie Hernandez Dances Like Simone Biles While Watching Simone Biles - Sometimes, the best compliment is imitation...and Laurie does it super adorably!

2.) Women Runners from USA/New Zealand Collide, Then Help Each Other Complete the Race - USA's Abbey D'Agostino and New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin unfortunately collided and fell during the 5000m heat. Instead of leaving the other behind to catch up, they helped each other throughout the race and finished despite injury. True Olympic spirit!

3.) Chinese Swimmer Breaks Taboo to Get Real About Periods - Being Chinese myself and being familiar with many of the taboo issues, including talk of menstruation, it was very refreshing for me to hear China's Fu Yuanhui telling it like it is -- periods are no walk in the park.

4.) Kerry Walsh Jennings and April Ross Stay Solid, Win Bronze - Can you imagine going for your fourth gold medal in the Olympic games for a sport that you're known around the world for being the absolute best in? And then having to settle for bronze? I'd be so bitter and angry - but not Kerry and April; I kept waiting for them to at least give some sort of air of disappointment but they totally handled this like champs, kept it together, stayed focused and loyal to each other, and were just as proud to win bronze. Way to go, are an example I need to follow!

5.) North Korean and South Korean Gymnasts Take a Moment to Take a Selfie - Knowing how deep the bad blood runs between the two countries, it was just really cool to see two girls just pause together and do something normal teenage girls do. Selfie #FTW

What was your favorite Olympic #sisterhood moment in Rio?

*Thumbnail image photo credit -- Reuters: Lucy Nicholson