September Guest Artist: Persimmon Prints

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Ah, where would we be without creativity? We keep discovering so many incredibly talented artists who are supporting a do-good lifestyle in their own way and thought, hey, we have a great platform for sharing their work! So, our boxes now feature work from artists who beautifully challenge us to live more ethically, more joyfully, more generously. You'll see their work as soon as you open up that box – once you flip to read more about what's inside the box, we hope you'll pin it up somewhere where it'll give you a smile, challenge you, and remind you of the good you did fighting trafficking through purchasing a bonJOY box. Snap a pic and tag us! @bonjoybox on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Oh, joy! It’s one of my most favorite words of all time.
— Kacie, founder, Persimmon Prints

We love finding like-minded joy seekers. When we saw some of Kacie's work we really wanted to share her perspective with you and get our go-to word in print so you can pin it up for a daily reminder. Here are some great links Kacie shared with us if you want to read more about JOY, her story, and Persimmon Prints!

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Persimmon Prints is a faith-based art & apparel company located in the Chicago area. With your every purchase, we help you FILL your life with print, FIX your heart on God, and FIGHT for those in need. We believe in eternal investments and providing ethically made goods; we prioritize having continued partnerships with various faith-based organizations, both locally and worldwide, while also placing quality goods in your hands. So, treat yourself & your home to beautiful, purposeful products, while giving back to the greater community.

We strive to provide ethically-sourced & made products, which inspires economic empowerment, provides fair wages, and provides skill development in the workplace. Each Persimmon-labeled clothing item is honorably made in India, and financially supports our friends at The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission.