Monday Sparkles Unboxed

an unboxing post by Esther

Hey y'all! I'm excited to do my first unboxing post! Interestingly, it's a box that's for a demographic that I'm now very very much not included in. I'm going to introduce you to Monday Sparkles today - it's an inspiring and empowering subscription box for tweenage girls ages 8-12. The Monday Sparkles team is based in Napa, not far from my San Francisco digs. We found each other over social media and quickly connected over all things boxy and girlie! So just for fun, we did a little box swap! 

If you're like me, you probably don't remember much from your tween years unless you're prompted to think super hard about it. I mostly remember adolescent awkwardness and Hello Kitty. I didn't have a lot of friends, I mostly kept to myself, buried my attention in girlie Japanese comic books, continuously schemed of ways to hide my horribly crooked teeth, and dreamed of one day being a much different person. I wanted to feel pretty, confident, smart, I could do anything. 

In discovering Monday Sparkles and opening one of their boxes, I couldn't help but smile and chuckle as memories from my tween years came back - the contents of the box reminded me so much of the joyful times with the few gal pals I had, giggles over the silliest things, and the beautiful intermingling of so many complex emotions like curiosity + confusion weaved throughout those years (ever see the movie, Inside Out?). I think you'll see what I mean as I unveil my unboxing of Monday Sparkles. Are you ready?

So here we go! Monday Sparkles' 2016 Summer Box! Naturally I was curious to see how different or similar of a feel it would be to the 2016 Summer Box we released...of course, they're for completely different audiences, but still...always interested to see what other folks are doing with their boxes!

I loved opening the box and seeing the cheery welcome note. Personally, I think welcome notes are like the hostess of a party that greets you - you sort of get a taste of what to expect of the party when you meet the hostess. The theme presented for this box in the welcome note was "Dream Big" - awesome.

Here's a cute little product listing of all the goodies included in the box! I thought it was really cool that they included the retail price for all the items - it adds a transparency factor and shows you how much value was packed into this box.

What's included in the box:
-Hippie Runner Headband
-Two Emoji Pens
-Rainbow Gel Pen
-Dream Catcher
-DIY Dream Box
-Decorative Jewels
-Dream Big Reach for the Stars Necklace

And then a simple, cheery sticker to seal it all together...

And then, ta-da! Goodies galore!

Just gonna say that my 30-year-old self is pretty sure that my 10-year-old self would have loved the rainbow gel pen, headband, and DIY box the most! I think this was a wonderful and creative mix of items of different colors and textures. Every item came with a positive feeling. Lots of brightness and cheer, which I love. I can also imagine that a box like this can really turn a tween girl's bad day (of which there are aplenty, as I recall) into a great one. And if you're a mom of a tween girl, just imagine what an awesome moment it can be to give this to your daughter, watch her spirits be boosted by all the little delights, and just be there to give her some cheer and encouragement.

Did I pique your curiosity about Monday Sparkles? Be sure to check out their subscription box, back-to-school survival kit, and browse their Sparkle Shop! They also partner with local non-profits, so be sure to check that out as well...after all, we're bonJOY - we care very much about the do-good factor of things! 

Lastly, Monday Sparkles has just been nominated for Red Tricycle's 2016 Totally Awesome Awards - so let's vote for them and cheer them on!