7 Things You Might Not Know About bonJOY

Ready? Here are 7 things you might not know about bonJOY:
1. We're a super tiny team. 
Esther and Julie founded the company together, and we have 2 interns, 1 volunteer, and 5 brand ambassadors.

2. This is Year #2 for us.
.. and we're ready to rock it. We have a super intense document that we're refining every day that's packed with new boxes, outstanding product discoveries, and all the numbers that keep this business moving and grooving. See something we should feature? Email Esther! esther@bonjoybox.com

3. We haven't accepted a paycheck since we launched.
It all goes right back into the business. If we grow a lot this year (fingers crossed!), we'll start taking a cut, but for now, we believe in what we're doing so much and want to see this work, so we're okay with putting in the work to make that happen.

4. This little box is our way of fighting trafficking and participating in the restoration of survivors.
We're not doctors, lawyers, or social workers. But we do believe that we can make a difference through what we purchase and consume on a daily basis. By sharing and consuming positive-impact products, together we're making a contribution to the good work of the brands and organizations on the front lines. 

5. If you email us, you'll get a personal reply back from one of the founders.
Nope, no automated replies set up in our box. We love getting to know you – really & truly! – and we believe we're all in this together. 

6. We pay the full wholesale rate for every single product we feature in our boxes. 
Why would we do that when some subscription boxes get product for free or at steeper discounts? We want to make sure the brands we partner with can continue making the positive impact they set out to do. That means our box is more expensive than some, but we wanted to invite you into the story, too.

7. #joyculture is our jam.
We weren't just fooling around when we picked our name... we're serious about this whole JOY thing! We deeply believe in the power of joy, and that everyone should be able to experience the hope and peace that comes with it. For us, for you, and for the survivors of trafficking that we serve by being in business. We're living out that belief on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and in real life, so come find us!

To joy, year two, and you.
— Esther & Julie