Q: "C'mon bonJOY... why aren't you doing any Black Friday sales?"

A. Honestly, it's because we've been giving you the very best deal all year! We started bonJOY with no outside funding and no marketing budget, just a passion for getting great brands with big heart onto your radar. True story: we haven't received a cent back from the business – it all goes right back into the budget. Sure, we're hoping that changes as we grow, but for now, we love what we're doing and we believe in it enough to bring it to life. 

For total transparency, here's a peek behind our pricing:

We purchase product from our partners at a wholesale rate. Even after adding in packaging costs (box, tissue, sticker, note...), shipping costs (usually $5-12/box depending on where in the country the box goes), and overhead distributions (super minimal: basically the web hosting, business registration fees and credit card processing fees – the more we sell, the more distributed those costs become), we're still able to pass those savings on to you. You might see other boxes out there touting insane values, but that's because they're getting free product from big-name partners (and in some cases, charging their partners to be featured!) or deeply discounted wholesale rates because they use offshore production (aka, dubious supply chains to keep the product super cheap). We give our partners the wholesale rate they ask for, usually pay for shipping of those goods to us, and make sure whatever discount we're getting doesn't shortchange their artisans or skimp on the donation to their cause.

So there you have it. We believe in doing the right thing, and we're overjoyed (seriously) that we can STILL bring you a great product at a great price. In fact, we shoot for an overall product value (not including shipping) of over $65 for each box.

Deal: yes. Devious: no.

To joy (and shopping),

Esther & Julie