#GIFTFORGOOD: 5 tips to make Christmas shopping more joyful

this season, don't forget to #shopsmall and #giftforgood


You've seen the hashtags. #shopsmall. #smallbusinesssaturday. #fairtrade. You're on a mission to wrap up your Christmas shopping, and one-stop stores like Target make it easy with heaps of glimmery gifts all laid out and waiting for you. 

But we can do better. This is our challenge to ourselves and to you this year: tell a story with every gift that's under the tree. A little more work? Maybe. But bonJOY is here to make it a little easier and definitely more joyful with some tips straight from the ethical Santa (though we like to think the REAL Santa is an ethical Santa by default): 

1. Find a local shop that sells fair trade goods.
They're popping up all over the place, so if your town doesn't have a Ten Thousand Villages, there may be another option.

2. Go artisan-made. 
If you prefer purchasing in person and there's no fair trade shop in your town, simply buying from local artisans, craft fairs, and farmers' markets is a beautiful way to go.

3. Check out an online marketplace.
If you're a fan of one-stop shopping, the marketplace concept is for you. Here are a few brands that have sections just for anti-trafficking brands, but we know there are plenty of others who have a focus on fair trade.

Bought Beautifully
New Creation
To The Market
107 Market Street
Ten Thousand Villages
Fair Trade Winds

4. Take a gander through our list of do-gooding partners.
We've researched and connected with each one, and our list is growing every day. They don't pay us to promote them, either. There's a whole wealth of brands out there Twitter and Instagram can be a great tool for discovering do-good brands. 

5. Queue up the winter bonJOY box.
Not too be too self-promotional here, but we put a lot of effort and love into curating a wintry selection of goods that you can feel great about giving and we honestly think you'll love it! This one's a little more gift-y than the rest, so you have three options: 1) ship the box to yourself and wrap to put under a loved one's tree; 2) order up a box or two and parcel out the contents; or 3) make it your "Merry Christmas, self!" gift this year. Order it here > 

Our Gift For Good blog series is all about highlighting brands and products that are doing good in and for the world. We're collaborating with bloggers and brand owners to present a range of tastes and styles to help you find unique products to put under your tree – ones that come with a story you know and can tell. Please share this post, tag us (@bonjoybox), and use the hashtags #shopsmall #giftforgood #fairtrade #joyculture!