Meet International Justice Mission, our next Give-Back Partner

an introduction from Michelle Quiles, Senior Director of Partnerships @ IJM

A preface from Julie: We're really excited to share the work of IJM with our bonJOY friends. Years ago, they were one of the first anti-trafficking organizations I was exposed to, and I've continued to be so impressed and inspired by the professional (and hard-core) work they do. I've supported them individually, and now it's really a privilege to introduce them to all of you and give you the opportunity to join our little project in sending extra funds to support their efforts and bring freedom to more people. Tell us what you think or leave any questions in the comments!

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Slavery still exists. In fact, more children and families are trapped in slavery today than at any other time in history. Victims are held against their will and face brutal psychological and often physical abuse, robbing them of their freedom and their dignity.

But at IJM, we believe this can change and we can all come together to end slavery.  

IJM is a global organization fighting to end slavery, trafficking and other forms of violence in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Through our unique Justice System Transformation model, we help victims of violence secure justice and partner with authorities to fix broken justice systems so we can prevent this from happening in the first place.  

Right now, IJM teams around the world are searching for girls trapped in brothels, little boys enslaved on a fishing boats, and families forced to work in brick kilns, rice mills, and other dark and hidden places. We are searching for them so that they can be freed. 

Today, we’ve helped rescue thousands from slavery, sex trafficking, and other violent crimes and are helping protect more than 21 million worldwide. 

IJM’s Unique Solution and Commitment 

Our staff around the world partners with local authorities to protect the poor from violence. Here's how:


We seek out children and families who are being abused and enslaved and work with local authorities to rescue them and bring them to safety


We help survivors of slavery and violence rebuild their lives. We also help restore broken justice systems with smart reforms that help local officials combat violence on their own.


Our lawyers represent the survivors in court, no matter how long it takes. Prosecuting criminals demonstrates slave owners and traffickers will be held accountable even when they prey on the most vulnerable.


We work with police and courts to arrest and restrain traffickers, slave owners, and other abusers under local laws so they don’t hurt others. 

The fight to end slavery needs individuals like you who will join us in ending slavery in our lifetime. IJM is committed to this fight until all are free. 

Give directly to IJM in any amount:

To support International Justice Mission, just select the box you want to purchase* and choose a donation amount from the drop-down on the product page ($0, $1, $5, $10, or $25). 100% of your donation + $1 per box from us will be sent to their team at the end of August! Our goal: $250. You can also donate directly on their website at THANK YOU for joining us in our mission to support anti-trafficking efforts!

*Monthly and seasonal boxes shipped in June, July, and August support IJM.

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