Whitney Meets bonJOY

a guest post from Whitney H. 


I first became aware of bonJOY when I saw a post on Facebook. At first glance, it seemed like a Birchbox-like subscription, which definitely piqued my interest. After checking out bonJOY's website and mission, I realized that this was something beyond beauty and skincare products – something that actually aims to positively impact women around the world. bonJOY works with brands that actively work with marginalized women, specifically those who have been sexually exploited and trafficked, to empower them to live their lives. In short, bonJOY's mission definitely appealed to my altruistic and social justice values.

Obviously, I ordered the Spring Box within a few days of learning more about them. 

Upon opening the box, I was taken away by the bright colors of the products and the wonderful, fruity scent that came with them. All of the Spring Box products I've enjoyed and used up entirely, but there was one product that I loved so much that I've actually purchased more of it on my own. Rooted Beauty's Raspberry Citrus Invigorating Facial Wipes were amazing to use as a means to take off my makeup at night, freshen up after gardening outside, or use as a general pick me up. After using up the entire package, I decided that I needed to order some more on my own, especially knowing that the price was comparable to the facial wipes that can be found at Walgreens or CVS. There's one thing that Rooted Beauty does that's both really awesome and engaging: for each specific product they sell, they designate those funds towards an individual woman to help her receiving training and education to lift her (and quite often, her family) out of poverty and trafficking. 

Subscribing to bonJOY's beauty boxes has not only introduced me to awesome skincare products, but has informed me about what beauty/skincare brands are intentionally working to ensure that women can economically support themselves and to counsel and empower those who have survived trafficking. I plan on purchasing more skincare products from Rooted Beauty to support women around the world and I can't wait to learn about other brands and companies in the Summer Box!

– Whitney H.