Meet Pei-Ling, Summer bonJOY Intern!

take a moment to meet our newest team member!


We are so excited to have Pei-Ling on board with our team this summer! We can use all the help we can get around here, and we're so excited to bring Pei-Ling's fresh perspective to our content. She'll be working on social media and blog content, and doing research into some ethical consumerism topics that we're REALLY stoked for. Keep an eye on the blog for her work, and we'll send out an email at the end of the summer when her big piece is completed. 

Here's what Pei-Ling had to say about why she wanted to intern with us and what she hopes to share with you all: 

"bonJOY sits at the intersection of fashion, beauty, business, and ethics. Aside from its eye-catching website and obvious heart, the fact that bonJOY conveniently incorporates all that I am passionate about is what drew me in! With my internship, I have the opportunity to be creative not only through styling photos and designing graphics, but also through doing (hopefully) meaningful research. What I hope to bring to the bonJOY community is the college student's perspective. I want to take you on my journey to learn more about the ethical implications of the fashion industry and about how to truly be a more socially conscious consumer!"

Here are a few fun facts about Pei-Ling! 

  • Is half British/half Malaysian-Chinese and fluent in Mandarin
  • Can solve a Rubik's Cube in under a minute
  • A self-taught nail artist, she once painted Santa and his seven reindeer on her nails (@nailsbypei)
  • Loves watching roundtables where award-nominated actors and actresses talk to each other

Learn more about Pei-Ling on her website and welcome her to the team by leaving a comment below!