Porn Shop Takeover: The Redemption Story

a guest post from Sabrina at New Creation VA

To be bought with a price; to be given a second chance at a failed opportunity with greater than expected results; the recovery or rescue of something or someone that was once lost.

New Creation VA exists to counteract sex trafficking not just in our small town, but around the globe. In spring of 2014 we did the unthinkable and purchased a former pornography shop in our city. What you may or may not know is that pornography fuels the demand for victims of sex trafficking. This one business, this one building, in our rural Shenandoah Valley town wasn’t the cornerstone of a multi-billion dollar industry. But it is a piece to a very large puzzle. We believe that God has called us to redirect its future.  

Our ministry was founded to help bring an end to human trafficking through prevention education, community awareness, and by supporting the rescue and restoration of the victims of trafficking through the work in our shoppe. Our vision is to be a light in the darkness an instrument of redemption and hope for not only this “old porn shop,” but for the lives of those affected by the sex trade.

Once opened, our shoppe will be a safe place a boutique with a greater purpose, resource center to continue our work of prevention and awareness, and it will house our offices. We are finalizing our year-long renovation process and have our eyes set on a July grand opening celebration. Along this journey we have been amazed at those who have stood alongside us. Each individual, organization, and company has had a hand in writing, and completing, the first chapter of our redemption story.

We are most excited to open the shoppe doors and gain much-needed space. This will allow us to extend our reach and help more organizations in their work of justice. When New Creation was founded it was done so in my home by marketing just one line of handmade jewelry from Gulu, Uganda. We have continued to link up with other like-minded organizations in order to expand our marketplace.  As you can imagine, our home is overrun by the ministry. Once opened, we will be featuring 11 different organizations from China, Africa, the Philippines and Cambodia; even a few from here in the US. Our items are from around the world, handmade by survivors, and designed for justice. Each item tells a story of freedom, shares the hope of restoration, and breathes the belief of change. 

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