NEW! Never Miss a Month of Joy.

drumroll please... recurring, automatic subscriptions are here!

A year and a half ago, we set out on this journey to see what we could achieve with these little boxes of good. We didn't have much – a couple hundred dollars of our own money and working internet. But we had an idea and a starting point... and looking back on it now, maybe we were a little crazy. BUT the crazy pays off, right? Halfway through with our second year of business, we've shipped a lot of boxes and supported opportunity for dozens of artisans around the world! (more on that in this post...)

So friends, we're going into the last half of the year with new ideas, new offerings, and new ways to encourage y'all to step up with us and make the world better together! Are you ready?

Our new recurring subscription option is a unique way to inspire your commitment to shop more ethically and be a part of positive social change – creating more jobs for women who, just like you and me, want to live independently and thrive. With value-filled boxes of (carefully curated) surprise fashion, beauty, and living items arriving to your doorstep every month, you'll be introduced to fresh designs from do-good brands that we've carefully vetted for production values and social impact. Plus, each box gives back to anti-trafficking causes! We promise you'll discover something new to love. Won't you try a subscription and see the kind of #purchasepower you can have when you #shopforgood?

Use code WELCOMESHIP to get free shipping on your first month!

Have questions? We put some answers in our FAQ section, or you can email us at for anything. Since this is all new for us too, we'd love to hear your thoughts on how signing up went!

To the joy of discovery (and doing good while you're at it!),