Seven Essentials For Your Summer Fix

a guest post by Angela from TO THE MARKET


Whether you are spending your summer lying on the sand or reclining on your couch, these necessities will definitely bring out your summer spirit! Make the most of great weather and spend some time to celebrate this break by having some of TO THE MARKET’s favorite survivor-made items on hand and commemorating their causes. 

1. Mint Herringbone Backpack, $76.00
This brightly colored backpack is a summer must-have! Stow away your sunnies, swimsuit, and sunscreen for a road trip to the beach using this durable and fashionable bag.  Made out of genuine leather and cotton-based canvas, this JOYN backpack is completely handmade by talented survivor artisans. This handwoven and handspun bag is JOYN’s sustainable solution to bring real hope and lasting change to impoverished areas in India.
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2. Sabrina Sparkle Earrings, $12.99
These sun-sational earrings will definitely bring warmth to your day! Their aquatic starfish design and tropical orange color make these earrings a daily go-to fashion fix, whether you’re out in the city for brunch or island-hopping in the afternoon. The Starfish Project jewelry not only brightens your day, but also the lives of exploited women in Asia. 

3. Kalyani Wide Leg Teal Print Pants, $39.00
Stay cute and comfortable in these Sudara (formerly called Punjammies) pants! Movie marathons and popcorn pig-outs wouldn’t be quite as fun without a pair of these delightfully relaxing pajamas. These floral jammies celebrate women who have escaped the ravages of sex slavery to achieve lives of dignity. Each pair of these loungewear pants is named after a woman at the Sudara sewing center, allowing you to wear a message of hope!
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4. Pricilla Necklace, $39.95  
Be bold and adventurous by sporting this chunky coral necklace. A fun combination of large watermelon colored beads and smaller white beads, this necklace accentuates your inner summer supermodel! Vi Bella Jewelry began in Haiti, where it employed brilliant artisans and empowered them to live beautiful lives in all aspects. Support the beautiful and bold artisans who have created this necklace and add some color to your life!
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5. Lime Peep Toe, $85.00 
Don’t forget to stock up on these radiant flats from The Root Collective! These bright peep-toe ballet flats come in different splashes of color, including neon yellow, sea blue, coral, tan, and cobalt. The vivacious nature-infused green color of this handwoven pair of peep toes will take any look to the next level. The cloth is made by Mayan women in rural Guatemala and these shoes contribute to poverty alleviation in the slums of La Limonada. The synthetic outsole and genuine leather lining of these shoes ensure their resilience, just like the resilience of the artisans who made these in conflict areas.

6. Turquoise Arabella Bracelet, $25.00    
This exquisite bracelet will complete any outfit, adding a flare of summer by reminding you of feel of the cool refreshing ocean. This All Across Africa bracelet is completely handmade, and was created from varnished recycled paper. A purchase of this bracelet not only creates jobs in answer to poverty, but it also allows you to empathize with the weavers of this bracelet. In essence, you’re buying more than just a product you are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation, days of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are buying a piece of a heart, a moment in someone’s life that you can take with you and share with the rest of the world.

7. Zawadi Clutch, $34.00 
Perfect for iPads or tablets, this handy Mamafrica Designs clutch is a summer go-to item, no matter where your adventure leads you. Its versatility makes it perfectly portable, whether you decide to use it on its own as a clutch bag, or as stow it inside your backpack as a sturdy tablet case. Handmade by internally displaced women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Zawadi clutch commemorates the stories of artisans who have risen from their struggle through unity, equality, and a transcendent value of “oneness.” 

Spend the summer with these seven essentials at hand and you won’t go wrong! Celebrate the beauty of these products and the beauty of the lives that created them, and remember and share their stories as you explore the world under the warm summer sun.

 — Angela

TO THE MARKET | Survivor-made Goods (TTM) combines the powers of commerce and storytelling to empower the world’s most courageous survivor populations, in the belief that resilience is more powerful than suffering. Their website showcases handmade goods made exclusively by proud and passionate artisans who have overcome the perils of abuse, conflict, and disease. By assisting local partners around the world in bringing these goods “to the market,” they take an active role in equipping the survivors they employ with economic independence, while raising awareness of the challenges that they face.

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