WEDDING TIP: Ditch the Guestbook. Opt for a Sketchbook!

by Esther

Getting married? We have a cool alternative suggestion for a guestbook you may want to try!

Let's be honest. Signing a guestbook at a wedding can seem a little awkward, uncomfortable, stress-inducing, and, dare I say it, a little old-fashioned sometimes. Guests typically want to contribute more than just a "Congrats on your big day! Love, xxx". Why not give them the opportunity to go above and beyond words and use their imaginations to create something that says "I care and support you" in their own style?

I present to you: the sketchbook guestbook! Pure white pages ready to receive the creativity of your guests!

When I was planning for my wedding last year, I knew that I wanted our day to have fun, creative, out-of-the-box touches. Our guestbook was one of them. I wanted to get people inspired and excited to get a little creative with their speak with their language and style and use as much space as they needed. A large, lined book was not going to cut it for me.

What you'll need:

1 hard cover sketchbook (I opted for a square-shaped book)
1 pack of colored pencils/markers
2-3 black ink pens
1 chalkboard sign with chalk
Stickers (I chose a pack that had a mix of letters, fun sayings, and blank bubbles)

On my chalkboard, I wrote: "Write, Draw, Create...or Leave an Awesome Handprint!" What this does: It expands guests' options to leave something in your guestbook that is authentically them and provides enough space for them to get as creative as they wish, and if they have no words or doodles to leave, the handprint idea will save them  it's easy, can be done quickly, and gives no pressure at all to do anything more than write their name next to it.

In the end, what resulted was a priceless collection of quotes, drawings, cartoons, poems, words of wisdom, and encouragement written with color... and, of course, a handful of cool colorful handprints (some guests made turkeys!). I like to think of our guestbook as a scrapbook that was created at our wedding by people who love and support us. The wedding day passes by incredibly fast, so I love how I can just pick up this book, flip through it, and re-experience the joyous memories of that day. And I'm sure you will, too! :)