We Are Warriors

a guest post from Annie H.


We are warriors. Soldiers. Fighters. 

I recently attended a fundraising dinner for an organization which benefits veterans who have served our country. It was an upbeat, patriotic type of event where we enjoyed delicious BBQ’d food and country music while we sat at our red, white, and blue decorated tables. The mood was light and comfortable… until…

They had a soldier come up to the podium and share about his journey, his battle, to get to where he is today. The mood quickly changed as we listened to him talk about the road he took from being an eager 18 year old who wanted to serve his country, to the man who lost his best friend, his self worth, his self discipline, and many of his family members. He struggled with depression, with drugs, and with his faith in humanity. 

He has since found hope and restoration through the little family-owned non-profit that had asked him to speak that night. With their help, his life is back on track. He has found a new love. A new desire for life. He has hope.

I write about all of this because as I sat in my chair and listened to this soldier share about his triumph over the very real challenges through life-and-death situations, I couldn’t help but think about all of the millions of people in the world who are fighting their own battles. None of us fight the same fight. Your struggle is not my struggle. Yet somehow, we are all in this together. 

I encourage you to see yourself as a warrior. A soldier. A fighter. There is victory in whatever battle you are facing. You are not alone. Keep your eyes open, and recognize another soldier trying to fight their way through this life. You might be wounded too, but pick them up, look them in the eyes and let them know that they too, will overcome. We can get through this together.

We are warriors, soldiers, fighters.

— Annie