Carbon-Neutral Certification Offer with BLUEdot

A note from Ted @ BLUEdot:

We are proud to be working with bonJOY to provide a fully certified Carbon Neutral product to their customers. That means that the full carbon footprint of each bonJOY box and all of its contents have been eliminated through the BLUEdot Carbon Neutral program.

To achieve carbon neutrality, BLUEdot works with their partners to calculate their products carbon footprint, and to identify any opportunities for reducing that impact. The carbon footprint that remains is then offset through third-party certified carbon offsets (think of this like alternative energy crowdfunding equal to the footprint we have).

BLUEdot has worked to determine bonJOY's operational, packaging, and transportation carbon footprint. We're working to make reductions and any of these impacts that cannot yet be reduced will be offset. 

Now it's time to work on the stuff that goes into each BonJOY box YOUR great products! BLUEdot has established a very conservative calculation of the carbon footprint of the typical bonJOY box. With that calculation, we are offsetting that carbon footprint so that every bonJOY box is carbon neutral inside and out.

As a special offer to all bonJOY partners, BLUEdot will provide a carbon footprint assessment at no cost (a $500 value you can find an example here).

In addition, if you are interested, BLUEdot will offer advice on how you might reduce or eliminate your carbon footprint.  This assessment will be summarized in a graphic presentation that can be used by your organization in any way that supports your goals (communication with your customers, exploring ways to reduce your impact, submissions for sustainability certificates, etc).

If you are interested in understanding your product's carbon footprint, please contact bonJOY or Ted Redmond at BLUEdot ( BLUEdot will then prepare a questionnaire for you to complete.