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Launched in 2015 by two friends and anti-trafficking advocates, we're using our gifts and interests to change the world in our little (joy-filled) way.

We exist to enable people to fight human trafficking with their everyday purchases through featuring the work of brands who are on the ground making a difference for at-risk and exploited women. We're building a #joyculture that encourages women to live with joy, inner beauty, and hope. 

Our growing list of over 50 "do-gooders" is carefully selected with an eye toward overall quality and trend value (or better yet, timelessness!), ethical standards, impact for good, and healthfulness. More details on that can be found on each box's order page.

We ship seasonal, monthly, and on-demand at pricepoints from $20-50. Inside: 3-7 fashion, beauty, and living goods from brands invested in anti-trafficking work and empowering women around the globe. We've made a big effort to keep our packaging eco-friendly (the box, tissue, and envelope are 100% recycled, and we're fully certified carbon-neutral!).


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