What you'll find: a plethora of lifestyle goods and fashion accessories, all, quite literally, "bought beautifully." You can be sure that everything on their website was made free of child labor, exploitation, and slavery. Vendors are required to know their supply chains, pay fair wages, prioritize safe working conditions, and practice wise stewardship. Their Jesus-loving roots shine through as they seek to encourage the Christian community to lead the way in supporting wonderful brands who are creating products that are doing good to increase opportunities and wages for those who are less fortunate in the world.

CATEGORY: fashion, beauty, home decor

  • Featuring: apparel, jewelry, skin care, home furnishings, shoes, and bags
  • Pricepoint: $3-200
  • The Good Factor: The mission of Bought Beautifully is to engage vendors and customers in a marketplace that has no slavery, no exploitation, and no child labor in their ethical products. They carefully review each vendor to make sure they've satisfied specific criteria . 

I like to think of Bought Beautifully as a sort of sister company because we launched so close together, featuring mainly fashion/beauty/home products, and are learning how to navigate this business + social justice model at the same time. And, like us, they got a lot of heart and spirit being poured into their work. There’s so much to love about them and we know you’ll love them too!
— Esther
I’m so glad there are actually lots of people out there who believe in shopping better — and then are making a way to do that beautifully. Go check them out!
— Julie