Della is a fashion line based in Los Angeles, but their heart is in Ghana. Each product is created with bold, chic patterns and the clothes are great for layering or wearing as-is. Be sure to check out their behind-the-scenes video!

CATEGORY: Clothing and Accessories

  • Featuring: tops, bottoms, dresses, tablet cases, and bags
  • Pricepoint: $12-108
  • The Good Factor: Della operates on the responsibility vs. charity model (which we love). In addition to providing employment to women in Africa, they also provide education and money management training.

I’m aching to try that Ballerina Dress, it just looks so gorgeous and flowy!
— Esther
These are not your average African patterns. Each piece has an upper-end aesthetic while actually looking wearable. I’m a sucker for that hand-dyed look!
— Julie