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how it works

You order up the latest curation. We pack a box with on-trend and useful goodies. A box magically appears on your doorstep. Congratulations... you've changed the world!

what's inside

Three to seven items in the fashion, beauty, and living categories. But shhh, we're big believers in surprises over here so we never tell exactly what! Bright colors, top-quality materials, lip-smacking scents, celebratory touches... there's so much to share!

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how we curate

We do our research to make sure every product supports good causes, is made by ethical means, and delivers a fair wage to those who made it. We are very intentional with our brand selections and want to make sure everything we feature comes from sources that go beyond fair trade to really support women. We take our partnerships seriously, researching their website, customer reviews, and social media outlets. We have personal calls with someone on their team. We want to hear about their goals and their mission so we can choose selections that will truly support them. We look into the organizations they support to make sure we can stand behind the work they’re doing. We ask the tough questions about sourcing. Our main focus is on brands who are working with trafficked, exploited, or at-risk women around the world – sometimes that looks like products which are made by survivors, other times, the brand may donate a portion of proceeds to an organization who's on the ground with the women. That's really, really important to us as we set out to make a difference in the way we consume. We're proud of every piece we send out, and we hope it makes you feel good, too! 

By the way, we pay our partners for every product we feature. Many subscription boxes require free product or charge their vendors for being featured... but not us! By paying wholesale rates, we get to support their businesses and missions while still passing savings on to you. It's a win-win!


Each curation generally starts shipping around the 15th or 20th of that month. You can order one box at a time or queue them up all at once! Since we have to give our partners final quantity counts, we can't guarantee an endless supply, so place your order as soon as you know which box you want! Make sure to follow our Facebook page for all the updates, or you can subscribe to our email list.


We ship our boxes via USPS, so plan on them taking 3-7 days to arrive from the time you receive your shipping notice email. We're only in the U.S. of A. right now (home sweet home).


Because of the nature of our in-a-box business, we can't offer returns or refunds at this time. We've committed to our partners for certain quantities which enable us to get the best discount for you while making sure their artisans and the women they support get paid. In ordering a box like this, you assume a certain amount of risk that not everything may be something you love (but we sure try hard to make it that way). We always appreciate honest feedback, and we'd like to hear what worked and didn't for you – we'll send a survey after each box ships, or you can email us directly at


We love running this business because we see it as a total #winning situation! 

For you: You get access to products you might not discover otherwise, and you essentially get them at wholesale prices (we purchase the products directly from the brands or organizations who make them at a pricing structure that allows them to keep supporting the work they do while also getting you the best deal possible). 

For our partners: The brands we feature get access to more potential customers and more awareness about the work they’re doing. We hope that by after using their products, you’ll visit their websites, follow them on social media, tell your friends about them, and become long-term supporters of the work they’re doing and the organizations they support.

For the cause: Besides making sure that a good portion of the cost of the products are going to do-good organizations or employing women who need it, we're also spreading the message that shopping for good is totally possible. From time to time, we also include materials from safe houses or other anti-trafficking initiatives to share some of the positive work that’s being done in the lives of women. We want to share the courage, beauty, and joy that’s happening despite the best efforts of the darkness.

For us: We get to live out our beliefs about consumerism, find beautiful products we can share, and be in a position to offer joy along your own journey! We get a teeny tiny cut of profits, but for the most part, we’re just having a whole lot of fun.


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