The genius of Flora Stationery comes from the minds of two brilliant sisters: Victoria and Ashley VanBuskirk. Flora Stationery sells unique paper goods that support women in Eastern Europe and provides them with the funds needed to pursue higher education. The total sales of twenty-five journals is enough to provide college tuition for one semester (!!!). 

CATEGORY: paper goods

  • Featuring: notecards, journals, and more to come
  • Pricepoint: $6-13
  • The Good Factor: In rural Eastern Europe, unemployment is one of the highest in the world. Flora Stationery is currently supporting 15 bright young women as they continue their education and pursue careers that will provide a better life for them and their families. You can read about their stories here.

This is the perfect product for someone who is in love with beautiful paper goods and social justice! These gifts will make you smile.
— Esther
I looove paper and writing notes and sorting out my thoughts with a pen, and it’s so refreshing to see Ashley and Victoria putting a ‘good’ spin on their passion for paper. It’s a delightful collaboration and celebration of art.
— Julie