We've gotten this question from many of you, and we're so grateful that you want to pitch in and help us grow our little business! Here a few ideas to get you rolling, and you can always contact us directly if there's something else you think of or if you have questions.

1. Engage with us!

Liking our posts on Facebook amplifies the visibility, which means more people see the posts you like. Sharing posts is even better! We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under the handle @bonjoybox.

2. Refer a volunteer.

Here are some areas where we could use some additional time and expertise:

  • Accounting
  • Graphic design
  • Emails & marketing

3. Purchase bonJOY boxes for yourself or as gifts. 

We've got monthly boxes, seasonal boxes, a sweet new bitty bundle... Take your pick and share some love!

4. Help fund some of the bigger items on our wishlist. 

So this is a big one. As you know, we haven't taken a paycheck yet for what we do (it all gets invested back into the business), and because of the way our cash flows (incoming orders one month pay for orders from vendors the next month), we haven't been able to afford or justify some bigger things that would help us expedite and improve our operations. Here's what we're looking at: 

  • 2 thermal printers to print our shipping labels (creates labels faster than printing on regular paper, cutting, then taping onto every box, plus it's much more economical in the end). We'd love to get a used one if you ever see one! ..... ~$100/ea.
  • 2 custom rubber stamps so we can stamp vital info on all boxes we send. Stamps are more economical and eco-friendly than stickers! ..... ~$50
  • Eco-friendly JOY stickers to seal all of our boxes. We now have the opportunity to purchase 1000 eco-friendly stickers from an amazing company called Pure Labels but don't have enough $ before we produce and ship the first wave of boxes this year to purchase them all (a bulk order is required) ..... $365 for 1000 stickers
  • Pre-printed boxes - If we can find 10 people to contribute $50 each that will help us purchase pre-printed boxes that will make our packaging a lot more professional ..... ~$500
fund us

5. Or, just write us a check!

Any miscellaneous funding we receive we'll turn into marketing dollars (mailing boxes to bloggers and review sites for publicity, ads on social media, etc.), use to purchase critical supplies (printer ink, labels, etc.), or use against our overhead costs. You can mail checks (payable to bonJOY) to: 

P.O. Box 751
San Carlos, CA 94070

If you send us something, just shoot us an email (team@bonjoybox.com) to give us a heads up. 

THANK YOU for all your support and love!