Future Glory Co.

Handmade with love in San Francisco, these high-end handbags shine with luxe love. We connected with them over a shared heart for anti-trafficking, and love how thoughtfully each piece of their production process has been engineered. Shop here to make a statement and make a difference with your purchase!

The Good Factor: Handbags are proudly American-made out of raw materials from the domestic food industry. Scraps are donated to nonprofits and schools. They donate a portion of proceeds to organizations dedicated to helping women rebuild their lives, with a specific heart for trafficking survivors. They also have an apprenticeship program for women in difficult situations, where they provide training with the end goal of job placement.

CATEGORY: Accessories

  • Featuring: handbags, backpacks, totes, wallets, sleeves, and more
  • Pricepoint: $35-475

Future Glory makes amazing quality bags that I feel could be seen in really classy fashion boutiques — and that’s what I dream for all ethical fashion brands!
— Esther
Love seeing high-end brands set the tone for making a difference and giving back. I’ve never seen anything like their marbled leather collection... these belong in a gallery!
— Julie