GO Ministries

GO Ministries is one of those brands (organizations, really) that have their hearts wholly entrenched in exactly the kind of work we love supporting. Their beautiful, unique, and earthy jewelry is inspired by the Mongolian culture where the artisans live... and the artisans are survivors of trafficking, abuse, and rape. Pieces are hand-signed by each of them, and you can read their heartbreaking yet inspiring stories right here.

CATEGORY: jewelry

  • Featuring: jewelry, tees, scarves, journals, oven mitts
  • Pricepoint: $5-20
  • The Good Factor: Products are handmade by women in Mongolia getting out of trafficking or abusive situations who are in GO Ministries' Steams in the Desert project. Ultimately, GO Ministries seeks to empower passionate, local leaders serving inside their cultures to redeem, renew, and restore by developing dynamic international partnerships in ministry that result in mutual transformation.

I love this beautifully handcrafted jewelry that is part of the big picture goal to support women and their healing.
— Esther
Reading the stories of the women who make these pieces at once breaks my heart and gives me so much joy – such tough, beautiful stories of redemption and hope! They have been through the worst but continue to persevere and fight for hope for themselves and their families. So happy we can help to support them.
— Julie